A sovereign nation and a racial homeland, Kyonin bears the strengths and stresses of this double duty willingly. Elves lived in the Fireani Forest within Kyonin before such names even existed, and when the elves returned to Golarion in 2632 AR, only the villainous refuted their claims to their ancient home—and few refuted them for long.

The land of Kyonin itself is a natural paradise, though not always a pastoral one—nature can be both beautiful and deadly, and the elves would have it no other way. Even the wild plants grow in a particularly elven way, while the cultivated ones are unearthly in beauty and function. Certainly, problems exist: the demon Treerazer has rooted himself deeply in the southern end of the forest, creating the festering and evil swamp known as Tanglebriar, and Kyonin’s political landscape is as treacherous as the physical one for those unused to its ways. But for elves and their honored guests, Kyonin is a serene rest from the fast-paced, human-dominated world.

Like a groaning dam, Kyonin barely holds its borders against the modern flood of humanity on Golarian. The standard elven policy of isolationism is proving less effective than it once was. As the elves attempt to reclaim their place on the quick-moving, violent new world of Golarion, many feel that new tactics are necessary, though few agree on what exactly those tactics are.

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Places in Kyonin:

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