Character Creation Guidelines

Starting Level: 1st
Starting Gold: 1,000 (As nobility, the characters have access to much greater wealth than ordinary starting characters. Note that some items will be restricted, notably complex items such as crossbows and firearms. On the other hand, elven items such as darkwood and mithril will be available at reduced rates: Darkwood items cost 50% less than they normally would, rounded up. Mithril items cost 25% less than they normally would.)
Ability Scores: 25 Point buy. See the chart here.
Classes: All classes from 3.5 sources will be allowed, with the following exceptions: Hexblade, Warlock, Dragon Shaman, Dragonfire Adept. There are no experience point penalties for multi-classing, but there are bonuses for choosing a favored class (see here ). Elven monks may freely multi-class with rogue, ranger, or paladin. Elven paladins may multi-class with cleric, druid, ranger, or monk.
Race: Elf. Alternate racial abilities and special favored class bonuses allowed. You can see those options here.
Bonus Feats: All characters receive the bonus feat Empathy at 1st level. This allows characters to share the emotions and impulses of their siblings, although it is not structured enough to allow full telepathy, and it is weakened by distance. At 4th level, this becomes Improved Empathy, is no longer diminished by distance, and allows the characters to send one telepathic message per day, which can either be sent to a single sibling or to the group as a whole.
In addition, each player will be able to choose a Gift of Nature feat that gives them some useful bonuses and suggests a favored class.
Ages: Each player will have to choose an age for their character. The possible choices are as follows:

180 years old (oldest child)
165 years old
150 years old
– The three oldest children are from Caladlon’s first wife: Rillana, a noble paladin who died fighting devils.

140 years old
123 years old (twins)
123 years old (twins)
– The three middle children are from Caladlon’s second wife: Tove, a verdant sorcerer who died giving birth.

114 years old
98 years old
82 years old (youngest child)
– The three youngest children are from Caladlon’s third wife: Vailes, a druid who vanished roughly forty years ago under mysterious circumstances.

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Character Creation Guidelines

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