Burnose of Roses


This long cloak is fashioned from a soft green material with a massive rosebush in full bloom embroidered on it.

When worn the cloak increases its wearer’s natural armor bonus by one. If the wearer does not currently have a natural armor bonus, they gain a +0. When activated, thousands of inch-long thorns sprout from the cloak dealing 1d6 damage to any creature striking the wearer with natural attack or unarmed strike. Any creature grappling with or grappled by the wearer also takes this damage during each round of the grapple. The wearer is healed by the same amount the thorns deal. The effect can be used once per day, plus one additional time per day for each piece of Aerandir’s Regalia the wearer owns. Each use lasts for 5 rounds.


Aerandir Telr├║nya was a grand and wise druid—one of the greatest druids to have ever lived—from the early days of the elves, long before the age of darkness. The stories of his many deeds are grand tales still told around campfires and chronicled in many books; for he was a true champion of the forest. Uncountable young elves received their training under his kind tutelage and rose to greatness themselves. But like all living creatures, even powerful druids can not hold off the twilight forever. When death finally claimed Aerandir, thousands of elves attended his funeral, a great many of whom, former apprentices mostly, eagerly anticipated taking ownership of the powerful artifacts he carried in life. But during the funeral, a mysterious creature appeared before the body, holding its hands out as it spoke, “As per his wishes, the body of Aerandir will be taken to the Green with us and his Regalia shall only return to the elven people when they are needed most.” With that, both the creature and Aerandir’s body vanished. True to its word, over the centuries various items of power have been given to chosen elves to wield for a time before being taken back into the safekeeping of the forest.

Burnose of Roses

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