Sirens Call


weapon (melee)

This rapier is a cold iron weapon that was once located in the Armory of Tystalaes Kes. It was once a powerful weapon that could complement a rogues special talents, it has however been drained of all magical properties. The blade is inscribed with images of wasps flying from the hit to the tip. The hilt is in the image of a woman, many think is the goddess Calistria, who is arching her back and extending her arms into the blade, and her hair is spread around the hilt in the typical protective fashion of rapiers.

If its power were ever returned, Siren’s Call would be a +2 cold iron rapier with the following special ability: the wielder may draw the weapon as a free action and make a coup de grace attack against any target that is either charmed by the wielder or currently has an attitude of Helpful toward them.


This sword was one of many found within the Armory of Tystalaes Kes. Caladlon, wanting to provide a suitable gift for the return of his eldest daughter requested that a number of weapons from the cache be brought before him so he could choose something that would be especially liked by Vanya. Seeing this he decided that the weapon would be the best gift possible since Vanya had spent so much time in the Temples of Calistria.

Siren’s Call was part of a set of three magic blades, each representing an aspect of Calistria: Lust, Revenge, and Trickery. The blade of Revenge was named Erinyes’ Feast, and the blade of Trickery was named Lillend’s Tale.

Sirens Call

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