Sanctum's Flame

Protective Candle


These simple looking candles are somewhat rare, but highly prized for their protective capabilities. Once the candle is lit, it’s bearer is protected as if by a sanctuary spell (DC 13). The protection lasts until the candle’s owner makes an attack, extinguishes the flame, or the candle’s wax melts entirely down (roughly six hours). The candle can be lit and re-lit a number of times, but it cannot be repaired or recharged, and when all of the wax is melted, the candle’s power is forever used up.


After his daughter Mirrianna mentioned that she had been having a string of bad luck in battle, Caladlon asked his sister to create one of these candles. Mirrianna later realized that the candle would be of greater use in the hands of those less able to protect themselves, and she passed it on to a young mother and her infant child.

Sanctum's Flame

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