Rillana's Black Blade

Legendarily Deadly Weapon

weapon (melee)

The elven paladin Rillana named this blade Firdeth (Eternal Darkness). It is a +3 vicious keen falcata of speed. Once per day as a swift action its wielder can name one opponent within sight. The weapons then gains the vorpal quality against that opponent until the end of combat.

Firdeth is rumored to have also been an intelligent item, although this has not been confirmed.


Early in her career, Rillana favored larger two-handed weapons, especially the elven curve blade. Later in life, she began to prefer a more defensive combat style, bearing a shield with her into battle and trading out her curve blade for a smaller weapon. Although she would use numerous weapons across the course of her career, the black blade Firdeth became known as her signature. It is said that she commissioned some of the greatest archmages of her time to create a weapon that would end battles as quickly as possible. It is furthermore rumored that one of the archmages crafted Firdeth from a sphere of annihilation.

Rillana's Black Blade

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