Noble Pennon of Battle

Elegant Symbol


The noble pennon of battle is a bright silk cloth intended to hang from the end of a knight’s lance, though it can also be flown from a spear, polearm, or even a staff. It has no effect if not mounted properly.

The pennon allows its bearer to benefit from heroism once per day. In addition, the bearer’s position on the battlefield is always evident to his allies that would have line of sight to him, even if he is invisible, stealthed, or otherwise concealed.


Although this bright red pennon appears to be made of pure silk, closer inspection finds it to be made of extremely woven and delicately fine mithril threads, crafted using methods known only to the most ancient and powerful of the Fae. It cannot be torn or harmed in any way, and it will not allow itself to be stained or dirtied (any filth simply slides away without actually touching the fabric). Those who bear the pennon are meant to be exemplars in battle, leading their allies through example.

Noble Pennon of Battle

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