Globe of Seasons


This unique magical item, gifted to Amaras by his father, is a small glass globe enchanted with illusion magic. Staring into the clear surface, one sees a miniature rendering of a beautiful forest glade. Over time, the seasons change passing from gentle spring, to vibrant summer, to crisp autumn, to the cold blanketing snows of winter and back to spring again. Animals can be seen moving through the glade, and occasionally during the seasons of spring and summer an elven woman dances across the glade, her lips moving in song although no sound can be heard. The image is that of Vailes, Caladlon’s third wife and mother to Amaras. Despite the lack of sound, the young elf knows the words of his mother’s song by heart; for this globe is a recreation of the once-mystical Glade of Songs, where Vailes would dance and sing away the warm summer hours.


Created by the ancient elven wizard Idril Elendil per the request of Caladlon. Having been one of the few elves welcome into the old mystical glade, Idril was more then happy to assist. Though the magic required would exceed the amount offered she did it without complaint. “Nonsense! You can not put a price on such a gift, my old friend. And I would not ask you for one even if you could,” she said when crafting it. Using magic of her own creation the illusionist removed her own memories of the glade and stored them within the globe. “My mind is not as strong as it once was and ’tis better that such precious things be kept in my creations then in my dusty old head.” Idril was present when the item was gifted to young Amaras, and she watched the flood of emotion on his face she knew her choice had been right.

Globe of Seasons

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