Fang of the World Bear


The Fang of the World Bear allows the wielder to cast Magic Fang twice per day.
Modified Pearl of Power


The Fang of the World Bear was crafted by unknown Druid in the Convent of the Green upon the request of Caladlon for his youngest son’s birthday. He gave instructions for what he wanted but left the design to the maker who looked back upon ancient lore for inspiration. He found it in the old tales of the World Bear, a bear that some legends said was the original guardian of the Kyonin Forest. The stories told of a massive bear who stood as large as a small house and protected the forest as his down lands, when the elves first arrived in the forest and wished to make it their home the great bear rumbled forth from his den. “None but those who walk upon four legs may live here….unless they can prove they can live in harmony with those who came before.” was his great decree. So for nearly ten days the elves spent meeting and besting each challange the massive bear put to them and in the end the World Bear agreed to allow them to live in the forest and to take over as it guardians. “I have grown tired and wish to sleep so I pass upon protection of this realm to you.” he stated then vanished into the depths of the forest. But not before he plucked a tooth from his own mouth and gifted to the first ruler of the elves.

Based on that old story the Druid fashioned a large piece of ivory to resemble that tooth but unlike the one in the story he spent long hours carving the story upon it. Then he caped the top in hammered gold and infused it with the magic of the wilds.

Fang of the World Bear

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