A Magical Blade

weapon (melee)

Chalice is a elven curve blade forged from the purest metals by a master craftsman. The lengthy blade was crafted to resemble the thorned vines of a rose, while the hilt and cross bars were made to look like flowering roses with a blood red ruby set in its center.

Chalice is a +4 true dragonbane elven curve blade of speed. It is an intelligent magical item with a Neutral alignment and the following ability scores: Intelligence 19, Wisdom 14, Charisma 14. It is capable of telepathic communication with its wielder, and has an Ego score of 18. It is believed that Chalice may have possessed a number of other special abilities, but these are currently unknown.


Melissina was a highly respected human wizardress in days long gone; in her life she rose to heights of great power and knowledge. The elven warrior Jassin Aunglor, the original owner of Chalice, chose Mellissina to instruct him in the ways of magic. As time passed the two fell deeply in love and were never far from each other. Sadly, their relationship was to come to a tragic end after an unscrupulous elven noble plotted to kill Jassin and take Chalice for himself. The noble’s scheme went awry, causing Chalice to be caught in a backlash of magical energy which blasted Mellissina’s soul from her body and imprinted it onto the sword that Jassin carried. Since that fateful night the blade has held her soul, and stories have told of how she could yet speak to Jassin from the blade and even use some of her old powers to help her wielder. Alas, the blade was lost along with her living lover after a titanic battle against the green dragon Venominhandar.


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