Bright Evening Star

Elven Ring of Starlight Magic



Bright Evening Star is a platinum ring set with a large diamond surrounded by a circle of smaller sapphires and rubies. These gems gleam brightly in even the dullest light. An inscription on the inside of the band reads simply “For Alenea” in Elven.
Nonlegacy Game Statistics:
Cost: 1,500 gp
Ability: At will by uttering a command word the user can cast light as the spell, caster level 2nd.
Omen: Although the ring still magically re-sizes to fit any hand, non-elves have always reported that it’s just a little too tight or too loose. Elves find it re-sizes to fit them perfectly.

Wielder Requirements:

Ability to cast 1st-level arcane spells.
Knowledge: Arcana 3 ranks
Any nonevil alignment.

Personal Costs
Wielder Level Save Penalty Skill Check Penalty Caster Level Penalty Spell Slot Loss Ability
5th Starbright
6th -1 1st Fire of the heart
7th -1 Enthralling Lights 3/day
8th -1 2nd Color spray 3/day
10th 3rd Blinding Flash 3/day
11th Shooting Stars 2/day
12th 4th
13th -2 Glittering motes 1/day
14th 5th Starlight Resistance
16th 6th Twinkle 3/day
17th Silver starlight 1/day
18th 7th Starlight dispelling 1/day
19th Tales in the Sky 1/day
20th 8th Call down a star 1/2 days

Starbright (Su): When you reach 5th level, the stars seem to shine brighter. You gain low-light vision as long as the stars are visible. If you already have low-light vision, the range of your vision triples in starlight.
Fire of the Heart (Sp): At 6th level and higher, you can evoke a burst of magical starlight, which works like the faerie fire spell. The light created is blue. Caster level 5th.
Enthralling Lights (Sp): Starting at 7th level, three times a day on command you can create an area of dancing stars and glowing dust, duplicating the effect of a hypnotic pattern spell. The save DC is 11+your Cha modifier. This ability is usable three times per day. Caster level 5th.
Color Spray (Sp): At 8th level and higher, you can command Bright Evening Star to emit a fountain of multicolored light that functions as a color spray spell. The save DC is 11+your Cha modifier. This ability is usable three times per day. Caster level 5th.
Blinding Flash (Sp): Beginning at 10th level, three times per day on command you can cause Bright Evening Star to flare with a pulse of sudden, bright light that acts as a blindness spell. The save DC is 12+your Cha modifier. Caster level 5th.
Shooting Stars (Sp): At 11th level and higher, two times per day you can command Bright Evening Star to fire five darts of force that look like shooting stars. They function as a magic missile spell cast by a 10th level caster.
Glittering Motes (Sp): Starting at 13th level, once per day on command you can use glitterdust as the spell. The save DC is 12+ your Cha modifier. Caster level 5th.
Starlight Resistance (Su): At 14th level, Bright Evening Star grants you a + 3 resistance bonus on all saving throws. At your option, the effect creates a glitter of hundreds of tiny stars, which are visible on your body and clothing.
Twinkle (Sp): At 16th level, three times per day on command you can use blink as the spell. Your image seems to flicker like a twinkling star. Caster level 11th.
Silver Starlight (Sp): Beginning at 17th level, once per day on command, you can summon forth up to four beams of painfully bright, cold light. This ability functions much like sunbeam, but the light is pure, focused starlight and moonlight. The beam deals no extra damage to undead. Instead, lycanthropes take damage from the beam as if they were undead being affected by a normal sunbeam spell. Fungi, mold, oozes and slimes take extra damage as though they were lycanthropes as well. The save DC is 17+your Cha modifier. Caster level 15th.
Starlight Dispelling (Sp): At 18th level and higher, once per day on command you can use greater dispel magic as the spell. If the dispelling attempt is initiated by night under an unclouded sky, the associated caster level check is made with a +5 bonus. Caster level 15th.
Tales in the Sky (Sp): Many sages know that the future can be read in the stars, but few realize that by tracing their movements backwards, secrets of long ago can be divined. Beginning at 19th level, once per day on command you can use legend lore as the spell. You must be able to see the stars for this ability to function. Caster level 15th.
Call Down a Star (Sp): At 20th level and higher, once every other day on command you can cast meteor swarm. Caster level 17th.


Judging from the style of the setting and the form of the Elven letters in the inscription, Bright Elven Star is of ancient elf craftsmanship, dating back to the time before the Age of Darkness, known only as the Age of Ages. The name “Alenea” might well be a reference to the legendary sorceress Alenea, an adventurer and wanderer whose legendary deeds are still recounted in Elven lands. It is known that she was the lover of the wizard Eldarniel, court magician to a powerful Elven king of old. Since Eldarniel was a crafter of magic items, rings in particular, it seems likely that he created Bright Evening Star for Alenea, perhaps to aid and protect her on her travels. (DC 15)
Little is known of Alenea’s early life before she completed her magical training and began adventuring. She told chroniclers she was born in a small fishing village and at a young age, entered one of the elves spellcasting academies. When her studies were completed, she joined up with an adventuring troupe along with another young mage, Eldarniel. Together they explored the world and plumbed arcane secrets, but their chief passion was finding and cataloging the mystical properties of starlight and moonlight. Some loremasters credit them with discovering silver’s effects on lycanthropes and crafting the first ring of shooting stars. Whether these claims are accurate or not, the pair certainly revealed many potent magical effects centered on the light of the moon and stars. (DC 18, Starlight on Water)
After several decades of adventures, Alenea and Eldarniel went their separate ways. Alenea wanted to continue traveling, and Eldarniel wanted to settle down and focus on magical research. Before she left, the two were married. Some obscure texts hint that Alenea crafted a ring with the powers of moonlight for her husband’s wedding band, but if this is true no other tales mention the ring and it has been lost to the ages. When they parted, Eldarniel gave Alenea Bright Evening Star. He told her their love would last as long as the moon and the stars. Alenea wore the ring constantly, but she seldom called upon it’s powers. Because she rarely used it and almost never spoke of it, the ring goes unmentioned in many stories about her. (DC 25, Love of the Stars)
Alenea continued adventuring for two hundred years, until the Elven sages foresaw the coming of the Earthfall and the Age of Darkness, and the Elven people began to retreat to Sovyrian. Eldarniel cast spell after spell, attempting to contact his beloved and warn her of the danger and the elves’ plan to retreat, but got no response to his messages, either magical or otherwise. Determined that she was still alive and unwilling to leave her behind, he set forth to find her all alone, unable to gain the support of the Elven kingdom that was abandoning this world and the barbaric humans that occupied it. Little more than a year after he left, Alenea returned of her own accord, revealing that she had been held prisoner by a terrible dragon, and only barely escaped with her life. Upon learning of her love’s attempt to contact her, she began the same barrage of spells and messengers, only this time nearly nothing remained of the support network of the kingdom on Golarian. Refusing to abandon her love even in the face of the Age of Darkness, Alenea wasted away in the abandoned city of Kardakeep, where she kept vigil along with a cadre of Elves loyal to her and Eldarniel. The night she died, she walked alone to the last intact lightstone on the walls of the keep, and placed Bright Evening Star on the wall as a marker for Eldarniel to follow, even after her death. She was entombed in the lost city, with a place prepared beside her for her love, but it is unknown if Eldarniel ever returned to Kardakeep. (DC 31, Return What Was Lost)

Legacy Rituals

Starlight on Water: You have to find a natural pool of pure, still water and immerse Bright Evening Star in it from dusk until dawn. Cost: 4000 gp, Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Bright Evening Star)
Love of the Stars: You are required to spend a full day and night in study, contemplation, or appreciation of the stars. This might take the form of stargazing at nights, reading texts or myths about the stars, or even composing poems or odes to their beauty. Cost: 13,500 gp, Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Bright Evening Star)
Return What Was Lost: After traveling to the tomb of Alenea and Eldarniel, you obliged to place the ring upon the finger of the stone effigy atop Alenea’s coffin. According to legend, the ring turns to stone and fuses with the casket if the spirit of Alenea finds you unworthy. Cost: 43,000 gp, Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Bright Evening Star)

Bright Evening Star

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