Bonded Arcana

A pair of items representing mystic and fraternal bonds.


A pair of brilliant jewelry pieces, the two gilded silver chains represent the mystic line between varied magics and disparate brothers. One is meant to be worn as a headband, showing a strong link to the heart, and the other a necklace, a strong link to the mind.

Ideally, the magic links two spell casters, both of whom are usually blood relatives, and imparts each with a magical boon. The boon takes the form of some magical advantage inherent to a given spell casting class. This boon is usually restricted to a given spell level. Consult the chart below to show the benefits given by each class. All of these benefits can be applied once per day.

Bonded Arcana are created by spell level, I, II, and III. Only artifacts may create the effects of Bonded Arcana above level 3.

Class of Character Wearing Bonded Arcana A Boon Granted to Character wearing Bonded Arcana B
*Wizard/Alchemist Prepare/Cast any spell known by the other wearer, but only of the appropriate level.
*Sorcerer One extra spell slot of the appropriate level or lower.
*Cleric/Paladin Convert an unused slot/spell into a Cure of the appropriate level.
*Bard Convert an unused slot/spell into an Illusion of the appropriate level or lower.
*Druid/Conjurer Convert an unused slot/spell into a Summon of the appropriate level and type or lower.

Example: Two brothers wear a Bonded Arcana I. Brother A, a wizard, wears the necklace, while Brother B, a druid, wears the headband. The wizard could then convert a first level spell to a Summon Nature’s Ally I. The druid can then prepare any spell known by the wizard, but only one spell of level 1.

Should those two brothers upgrade their Bonded Arcana from I to II, the wizard can now convert a second or first level spell to Summon Nature’s Ally II or I, respectively. The Druid, on the other hand, could prepare a level 2 slot for a level 2 wizard spells. Level 1 wizard spells would be unavailable, however.

Drawback: Contrary to most magic items, this item must be custom made for the magicians intended to share boons. Once created, the magic will not function for any other magician, or combination of magicians. Only those for whom the items were made may benefit from the boons provided, though either item may be traded freely between wearers, to accommodate for other items.

Though they don’t need to be blood related, prolonged use of these items has been known to have the side effect of rendering both wearers as blood relatives for all effects that track such things.


Lor’Athorn, ever increasingly worried for his brother, has given it a lot of thought, and decided to help temper his brother’s aimlessness with focus. To this end, Lor’Athorn has asked his father for a gift that might tie them together, so that Lor’Athorn can take unto himself some of the wandering mentality of his brother, and perhaps impart him with some structure in turn.

Sensing some of Lor’Athorn’s intention, Caladlon wisely requested for this item to be made. Though it did little to tie the minds of the two disparate brothers together, it did much to tie their fates together, as well as their capabilities, so that they would rely on each other more and more, rather than for one to imbalance the other.

Built on an ancient elven blueprint, the item is a glimmer of an ancient elven artifact that worked in much the same way. This artifact is lost to antiquity, but has served well as inspiration for these lesser but still potent design, showcasing the impressive acuity of the artificers working under Caladlon.

Bonded Arcana

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