Bloodoath Blade of Daggermark

weapon (melee)

The legendary Bloodoath blades are +2 adamantine daggers, with the following special properties: when the wielder of the blade draws small amount of blood from a willing target and has them swear an oath, the target becomes the subject of a Mark of Justice effect (1/day; CL 15). The blade’s wielder can cast Discern Location (3/day; CL 15) upon any individual who has broken an oath sworn upon the blade. These daggers were only ever used between kings, since such effective magic came at a great cost.


This ancient adamantine dagger is a relic of ages past. The purpose of the dagger is to ensure that any oath taken can be relied upon to be fulfilled. By drawing blood with the dagger then swearing an oath, any attempt to break that oath will cause the blade to grow ice cold, and the wound created by the dagger to reopen.. By placing the dagger into a pool of water and using the command phrase “Let me see the face of my betrayer” it is possible to command the dagger to show the image of the one who has betrayed their oath. In ages past, daggers such as this were part of a pair, intended to ensure that peace could be maintained if both sides had the oath dagger from the pledging party. The daggers are not infallible however, and can be circumvented when breaking oaths. Currently this dagger is in the position of Lady Smilos, the Assassin Guild Master, who has used to make sure all the assassins are loyal to her.

Bloodoath Blade of Daggermark

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