Parasitic Wild Magic, Feasting on Life Force

Stage Effect Drawback
One Metamagic feats applied to spells with the force descriptor use a spell slot one level lower than they normally would Uses the ring slot on the right hand
Two Spells with the force descriptor that deal damage do +1 damage per die -1 to maximum hit points
Three Gain the Toppling Spell* Metamagic Feat Uses the gloves slot on the right hand
Four +1 caster level to spells with the force descriptor -2 to maximum hit points

*See Ultimate Magic, page 158


The mad elven alchemist Phos once created an unstable magic wand, which later exploded during the heat of battle. Through complex magic not yet fully understood, this explosion somehow either summoned or created the living magical parasite Ansreth. The parasite is a living but non-sentient creature composed entirely of magical force. It appears as a slightly glowing mark upon the skin of its host caster, starting out along the palm and wrist but spreading farther along the arm as it grows stronger.

Each time the parasite’s host casts a spell with the force descriptor, the parasite gains a tiny bit of strength. It begins at Stage One (see chart above) and proceeds to Stage Two after twenty-five such castings. It then develops to Stage Three after twenty-five more castings, then peaks at Stage Four after twenty-five further castings.

The parasite can be destroyed through a remove curse spell, and can temporarily be disrupted (like a magic item) if targeted by dispel magic.


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