Amulet of Aggression



3 times per day as a standard action you can use a single charge of the amulet to incite a target creature to attack you, if they are already engaged in combat. The target creature must make a DC 16 will save or attack the wearer of the amulet for the next 7 rounds. The target creature must make every reasonable accommodation in its attempt to reach and attack the person wearing the amulet. This is a mind effect and creature immune to such are immune to the effects of this item. Charges reset each morning. CL – 7


This amulet is made from a brass chain with a bronze medallion attached. On the medallion are two men with swords raised who appear to be screaming at one another across a battle field. Typically given to bodyguards of wealthy individuals to protect their charges.

This is a modification to a magical armor found within the advanced players handbook.

Amulet of Aggression

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