Traithor Maerchon

Elven Noble


Traithor Maerchon is an Elven Noble in the land of Kyonin. A long established resident of the kingdom, he has cultivated a wide variety of connections and friendships in his many hundreds of years as a resident. Some even say he was one of the few surviving elves to have returned from Sovyrian, although no previous records of his family have been found.

While Traithor has never married, he has more than once opened his home to less fortunate elves. He has adopted elven orphans over the centuries who lost thier parents, especially those who fell in battle defending Kyonin. Each of his adopted children speaks very highly of him, and each of them have grown up to live independantly after coming of age, although he hosts a annual feast with his “children” to keep up with thier lives and celebrate thier accomplishments.

Despite his gregarious nature, Traithor has studiously avoided becoming involved in political struggles. He is strongly neutral between the traditionalists and the progressives in the Elven Court, but willing to consider the views of both sides. He is widely respected throughout the kingdom as a level-headed mediator, and he is often asked to help resolve disputes among the people, especially the nobility, who would not normally consider the advice of a non-noble.

His good works, his friendly nature and his wisdom have made Traithor a widely-respected figure throughout the lands of Kyonin.

Traithor Maerchon

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