Navarre Edasseril


Navarre is tall, handsome, well built, and soft spoken. Though he doesn’t always wear his armor, he is rarely seen without his sword and shield.


As a young elf, Navarre was always very physical and interested in creating things with his hands. Instead of having a traditional elven education, his father allowed him to train with the best vocational teachers in the land. As a result, Navarre became quite adept at building things. However, as he entered his adolescent years he had more and more younger siblings being born all the time. Navarre realized that someone would have to look out for them as his older brother Elensar did for him when he was a child. He realized that Elensar would one day become king, and would be too busy training for that duty to keep watch over all of their siblings all of the time. It was then that Navarre gave up the anvil for the sword and made an oath to protect his family at all costs, to always put their needs above his. That is when he began his tutelage under The Undying Wolf to learn learn the ways of the warrior.

Navarre looks up to Elensar and feels more at ease with him than with any of his other siblings. Though he loves them all greatly, he finds that love difficult to express; as a result Navarre seems distant from his other siblings. He chooses to wait and watch rather than be close to and spend time with them. He enjoys watching them make their choices, good or bad, and then helping them up when they need a hand.

Navarre Edasseril

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