Mirrianna Edasseril

Elven Cleric of Erastil


Mirrianna is a small slender Elf at 5’11. She has long blonde hair with warm green eyes. She is always smiling.


Having grown up with eight other siblings and without her mother, Mirrianna felt lost throughout most of her childhood. Though growing up a nobleman’s daughter had it benefits, she soon grew tired of the petty bickering and intrigues of the higher courts. She also dreaded the day when young noble men would begin haggling her constantly for her hand in marriage. Finally she decided she could not stay in the halls of power any more and left to find solace somewhere else. Her search lead her into the halls of the clergy and has devoted her life to her god ever since.

Mirrianna found the teachings of Erastil well suited to her. His sermons of family and community reflected the good times she had with her own family and the beliefs she wanted to bring to her people. She had always looked up to her eldest brother Elensar for becoming an Inquisitor and providing a service to their people instead of just sitting back in their noble house. Wanting to serve her people in the same way, she soon began offering her services to settle disputes in the Elven community as well healing and prayers. Having grown up with so many brothers and sisters, she was already well practiced in these areas.

Mirrianna found it ironic that at her fathers deceleration of creating a council threw her back into the very life she tried to escape. She however took it as blessing from Erastil believing that this was the place she was destined to be. Now with her additional teachings and experience, she feels she can serve her people and family even better now. She just hopes she is strong enough to help with the coming dangers she feels she and her family will face.

Mirrianna Edasseril

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