Legacy of the Forlorn

Primal Dreams

Journal of Lor’Athorn Edasseril

Entry the Twenty-Seventh

Alchemical Discovery: In experiencing life from the perspective of a quadruped, I spent some additional time thinking of a way to improve conditions for one of the key members of our group. I do not speak so much about Amaras as I do Nilsha, though this may soon apply to him as well.

In my latest experiment, I have taken into account the problematic nature of animals in attacking particularly dangerous opponents. To that end, I have worked with Navarre to attempt to fashion something that might allow one of our bestial allies to attack without fear of harming themselves. Though it does require some training on the part of the animal, and some preparation on the field, I feel like this could help maintain Nilsha’s survivability, as our battles grow ever more dangerous, with even some members of our fellowship having been in mortal danger as of late.

This device works like a harness that must be secured to the creature, and contains strategic spikes and blades that can then be used to allow the animal to strafe or slam into an enemy, spike first, and assail foes without risking fang or claw. Further experiments show that magical alterations to such devices may yield yet further use for Nilsha, both defensively and offensively.

Main Entry:
It is difficult to describe just what we went through, but it was enlightening in ways I simply cannot bring to paper and ink at the moment. We inhabited the bodies… perhaps the souls of wolves, and yet it was more than that. I am not a druid, but I must imagine their existence to be alike to our brief transposition. What we felt was a oneness with nature I could not have dreamed on the strongest chemical high. It was a unique and amazing sensation that I regret may not come to pass again.

I rarely find myself so excited that I get ahead of myself, but even now, I find myself a bit heady. To start from the beginning…

We had been asked, by a dying Grey Mane, to go and awaken the wolves. He had been in an encounter with that Strange Feral creature we had encountered some time ago. This time, its primal claw was too much for even this proud and powerful wolf. His mantle had naturally fallen to the nine pups we had rescued. Amaras had of course taken the responsibility to awaken them, and give these wolves the sentience needed to replace Grey Mane. However, he did not yet have the personal power to do this on his own, so he was directed by Grey Mane’s last breaths to seek out a staff that held such power.

Mirrianna was of course her usual positive self, but after we allayed her niggling fears, we set out to assist Amaras in fulfilling his task. We were surprised and amazed to find that our journey was without ambush, betrayal, or mortal conflict. After allaying out own fears, we investigated the circle that held the staff, drawing the attention of a celestial creature that had evidently been assigned to protect the staff and manage its use. She explained to us that we were to awaken these pups more directly, giving them a bit ourselves so that they may taste at the cup of knowledge, and grow a thirst for it.

It was almost humbling to see how noble these creatures were. We had perhaps acted as more of a pack through those wolves than we ever had as siblings, which shames me somewhat. Pragmatically, we are our own elves, and I understand that we cannot be so close as they, both by the function of their existence and the diversity of our personalities as elves. Still, I hope the others might have taken notice of this as I have.

We hunted together, ate together, and defended each other fiercely. I found in those encounters an interesting synergy between myself, Vannya, and Palanon. We sped through time faster than a human, experiencing the richest moments of those wolves’ lives, guiding them somehow in their tribulations. We were of course threatened by what I can assume were Treerazor’s forces, as well as the Feral himself, but we made quick work of both through our clever and handy team-work. I had of course landed the last blow on the Feral, lending my unique prestige to the wolf, giving him the name of Winter’s End. He has earned it.

Once we were done with the vision, the celestial creature made with us a proposition. We could give more of ourselves to embiggen the wolves. Despite the bonding between ourselves and the wolves, some among us remained too self-interested to render this last gift to the wolves. I am not upset, as it is merely another manifestation of our uniqueness.

We reside over the court now, and it would not do to have our fellowship browbeat one another until a decision is made. We are elves, and they are wolves. Our lot is to use wisdom to forge new destinies, as well as a willingness to learn lessons anew. These will aid us in leading in place of our father. That we do not always agree is a comfort that few will understand, but all will appreciate.

End Entry



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