Legacy of the Forlorn

Lost Apprentice

Journal of Lor’Athorn Edasseril

Entry the twenty-eighth

Alchemical Discovery: I have a lot to report this week. I have been studying the saliva samples from the creatures we fought. Not only have I devised a means to destroy them (a salt water solution works best), but also a means to slowly reproduce the material they create through their life cycle.

These creatures can apparently produce small amounts of a substance that inhibits magic. Though I am loathe to work with such a substance, I find myself interested in its properties. Imagine, for instance, a bullet that could disrupt the magic of an enemy caster. Or perhaps a chemical mixture that can release a magic inhibiting gas.

However, the means for which to produce the substance are definitely not efficient. So far, I have been able to help metabolize some grown organs to produce the needed mineral, but it only seems to take humanoid skin tissue (in this experiment, donated by me). I have attempted to use the meaty stone that Phos is fond of creating, but even that disgusting flesh yields only 1% of what an equal portion of sentient tissue would.

As such, I have created only enough to experiment on. I may be on a breakthrough to making even more, but for now I imagine I will have to be satisfied with containing this menace.

Main Entry:

I don’t often have attachment to humans, but Cade is an exception. Though I am uncertain as to his condition, location, or affiliation at this time, I still sorely worry about him. Knowing our enemy, they are likely turning him to some dark end. I only hope we come upon some means of retrieving him.

Though why Cade and Jaylinn were targeted, I am not sure. I continue to ponder on the nature of the dark elf mind. Their plots are often ponderous and ineffective. However, their grand schemes end up slowly chipping away at one’s resolve even as they ablate their own resources.

Our latest outing saw us travel to a small mining area and town where Cade and Jaylinn had settled down. We had received word that something was amiss, so we went there with great haste. We found an abandoned town, and some strange corpses arranged near the local well. The bodies had predictably risen to fight us. Unpredictably, they were not so much bodies as they were corpse puppets.

We dispatched them quickly, but our search of the premises quickly found us in conflict with a large plant creature. This odd coincidence brought us luck, as both Palanon and I were ready to deal with plants, as we always are.

During the fight, I saw Palanon in danger, so I stood near the creature to taunt it into attacking me. It was something I had seen Amaras do on many occasions, but I never thought I would find myself in that frame of mind. It worked, though, and I was nearly swallowed. I was glad to have spared Palanon the danger, but I don’t care to repeat such a feat.

Further investigation made it clear that our query was in the quarry. Before we arrived, we were set upon by a number of creatures. We would later find out that they were the adult stage of the creatures that had been controlling the corpses in town. We had been set upon by an ecological disaster from space!

We dispatched those creatures as well, and made our way into the mines, and found yet another of the dark elves was behind the plot. She had been holding Jaylinn hostage. I imagine she was not entirely prepared for us, as she had foolishly tried to wager Jaylinn’s safety for her own safe exit. We were too weary of dark elven plots and dickering, so Vanya made a snap decision, and made her way over to kill the dark elf woman before she became a problem.

Amazingly, it worked. We still had to contend with another two plant creatures that had been inhabiting the cavern, but we swiftly took care of the situation, and rescued Jaylinn. Cade was said to be dead by the dark elven woman, but I am unsure how much I can trust her words. For now, I can assume the worst case scenario, and that Cade yet lives.

We were able to recover some of the material from the mine, and from the woman’s armor. Navarre handily crafted it into his armor, and I hope to eventually empower the anti-magical defensive effect sometime soon.

For now, I must be content in not only studying these creatures, but also trying to do more to fulfill my duties back in Valethi. I have marginalized them for too long, and so I have split my time between Green Gold and home, as of late. I hope that our adventuring time does not further remove us from our duties, but I would be naive not to plan for that contingency.

End Entry.



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