Legacy of the Forlorn

House of Sky


We recently received summons from the lord of the giant eagles located above Sunder Point at the house of sky. Our presence has been requested in much the same manner as heroes of the past had been summoned, with the use of small silver owls, a small silver owl I traded away for the benefit of gaining the trust of the lake elves of Encarthain. It is only because of our rare gift to communicate with each other telepathically that I was giving the information of this meeting. Using an elfgate just south of Daggermark I made my way to Gault then back to Kyonin. I really must do something about hiding the location of the elf gate better then it currently is.

Arriving home I was greeted by my siblings in much the same manner as ever. We all had a brief dinner and made plans to depart. I had recently come into possession of documents regarding the manufacture and enchanting process of the Final Blades of Gault. Hoping that I could get my siblings assistance in manufacturing a melee version of the blade I gave the information to Lor’Athorn and requested that he study the document and let me know what he thought about the process of making weapons such as this, as well as defending against the effects that the weapons could produce if struck by one. I suppose I should have been more explicit in my instructions as he went to Navarre with the document, and after a brief moment of reading it, I have been told that Navarre tossed it into the forge to burn away to nothing. Currently I am very upset about this turn of events. I will have to find alternative means to the creation of such weapons.

In the morning we set out through the elf gate to Sunder Point. I was excited as I now had the opportunity to unveil a gift I had commissioned for Palanon, a large astronomical observatory built into the side of the mountain overlooking the night sky of Kyonin, without all the trees being in the way. I have to admit that I have ulterior motive in the creation of such a thing, I need him to learn the secret of the rejuvenating aerie that was destroyed under the streets of Greengold, so that I can replicate it and provide the means to King Borogrim to revitalize the Axe of Dwarven Kings.

Palanon was extremely excited about the gift; I dare say he was moved more by this then by any other gift that has ever been bestowed up him. In addition, if not for our meeting with the Eagle lord we may not have been able to pry him away from the observatory at all. It was at this point that I realized that we would have to climb up the mountain, a skill that I have been neglecting in my training I must admit. It is much easier to talk your way past all the guards in a building then to climb it from the outside. Such a long climb left me with little energy and a foul mood upon reaching the top.

The Eagle king was impressive, a huge thing with remarkable coloring and grace, yet he also had a foul mood from what I could tell, something steeped in the old ways of doing things, and demanded traditional responses to questions posed to us. I must admit that the long climb and lack of air at such a great height did little to make me quick witted or charming, as my responses almost ended our meeting before it began. Luckily Palanon was able to step up and express our joy at being granted such an audience, and what we could do to honor age old agreements between our people.

It was at this point that we were asked to go into the house of sky, an extra dimensional space, that has been corrupted by an outside force, and the eagles wanted it back. So that was our task, go in and get it back for them. Sometimes I truly hate being the errand boy for people. They have been unable to get their domain back so they call on old bargains and treaties to get us to do it for them. Anger does not sit will on my brow at this time, as the effort of climbing up a mountain was now coupled with a request that could lead to my death. Stupid birds.

Of course my siblings all jumped at the chance to go on a life threatening mission into the unknown. So up we went into a strange location that seemed to be made of nothing more then air, walking on floating platforms that did not stir as we walked across them and into a temple made of a strange stone that floated in the air. Great statues flanked the entrance, and being a cautious person I made every effort to see if anything was amiss at the entry way. My paranoia has always keep me safe and this time was no exception, as a magical trap was set to trigger once anyone passed the threshold, and the skills that I have not neglected in my training paid off as I was able to disarm the magical trigger, allowing us to pass unharmed.

Once inside we spread out a little since we did not know what to expect in such a situation, and at this we were quickly set upon by an enemy in the darkness, someone who summoned creatures to attack us. The coward was able to stay well away from the melee by hovering over the battlefield, but Lor’Athorn was able to summon creatures to assail our attacker in midair, allowing the rest of us to dispatch is summoned minions. In little more than a minute the fight was over, and we were able to examine the body of our would be attacker, and wouldn’t you guess, another dark elf. Taking what we could from his corpse, if for no other reason than to prove we had accomplished our task we left the house of sky and once again move into the prime plane.

The king of the eagles was extremely pleased that we managed to eliminate the intruder, as the prior heroes from the previous age had been unable to do so. I was wise enough to keep my tongue at this since we were essentially sent into a death trap by our “ally”. His reward for our service was to enhance our little silver owls to summon one of his subjects to assist us if we are in dire trouble. I was less then enthused about our payment, mostly cause I had traded it away, and asked if we could go back to our normal lives again if he had no further use of our talents.

Leaving the domain of the eagles we went home, and I am pleased to know that Palanon has decided to move out of Velithi and into Sunder Point.



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