Legacy of the Forlorn

Funeral of Falcon


I want Falcon dead. Ever since I have realized that he has been toying with my family I have held a deep desire to kill him. And I had my chance, he was served up for us by his own kind. A punishment for his failure and unfulfilled plots to bring us down. We were going to be giving the chance to watch him die. Such a gift was given to us only as a trap, and yet I could not help myself but to feel excited to see his demise. Each of us received a letter of sorts to come see his body, and much to our surprise, additional letters were sent out to other persons who have been wronged by his plots.

The place of his viewing was to be Erages, a burial mound where we first encountered our dark cousins in greater numbers. Arriving in Erages we met with Valstar, the prince from the lake elves, and he told us that he had been sent an invitation to the funeral of Falcon. Not wanting him to become a causality if things went badly, such as this being a real trap, we asked him to go back to his people. For some reason only Amaras was able to get our intentions across to Valstar.

After a short day we went to the location specified by the dark elves and waited for them to produce Falcons’ body to us. I was shocked when the dark elves came dragging a living prisoner behind them, dressed in little more than rags, Falcon was deposited to the ground before us by Lord Kestral. I have to admit that Falcon looked every part the captive. Lord Kestral produced a dagger and told us that it was our right to end Falcons life if we so choose, something I was quick to accept at face value as I did not want to lose the chance to kill this man again.

My siblings being of cooler heads, hesitated and demanded that Falcon be left alone and the dark elves leave the place, since this was our territory and we hold the rights of law in our lands. Kestral was amicable to this and had his people leave, handing the dagger over to me as he left Falcon kneeling on the ground before my siblings. This is when I would like to say that I struck down the evil creature, exacting a small revenge for all the things he has done to my family, but my siblings had other plans. They started talking to him, asking Falcon questions and demanding answers, in hopes of finding more information about his plans and schemes. As the questioning continued it became more apparent to me that they did not plan on killing him, and a cold rage consumed me. I took my time and approached him as unthreateningly as possible in hopes that Navarre would not notice me, but he knows me too well. Navarre actually stepped in front of my blade as I attempted to assassinate Falcon.

I was then questioned as to my reasons for trying to kill Falcon, the insanity of Amaras must be spreading to the rest of my siblings for only Mirri was willing to support me in my desire to kill this creature that has plagued our house for the past eight years. If not for Mirri’s support I think that my siblings would have turned against me for wanting this blight upon our house removed. It was because of these arguments and musing of traps that the real plan was uncovered, Falcon was the final piece of his own plot to turn the spirit of Tove into a Banshee. From what I understand he was cloaked in some minor magical effect as well as being scryed, with the viewer being forced to watch the events transpiring at his execution.

With this new information Palanon suddenly spoke up and said that Vilithi was being attacked. Not wanting to waste any time we made as much haste as we could in returning home. When we arrived our house guards alerted us to the attack, some type of shadow creatures were attacking people near the gate. Quickly we moved into the area, passing off our prisoner to the house guard, Navarre decided not to kill him even after we figured out the trap and how to “disarm” it. The shadow creatures were much harder to kill than anything else we have encountered to date, as they were insubstantial, and our blades passed through them with no effect in most cases. And while our weapons could not damage them, so to was our armor unable to stop the claws of these creatures, Navarre was badly injured because of this, as he relies heavily upon his armor to stop injury. After dispatching the shadows we all went our separate ways again, with everyone except Mirri and I in favor of trying to convert Falcon away from the dark path he has chosen. Navarre is actually taking him to Greengold to live in his house and work in his forge in hopes of turning him from a dark elf into a normal elf. Thinking that maybe the process that changes elves can be reversed.

I tried to tell him that I think it is folly, there are some things that cannot be changed, but my siblings are convinced that such a thing is possible since a being of unimaginable power was able to separate Risa into two aspects, one good and one evil, and they think the same may be possible for Falcon with either magical support or just time. I on the other hand am watching and planning for the day that Navarre lets down his guard and I can end Falcon and the threat he poses to our family.



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