Legacy of the Forlorn

Deaths Door

I have received an invitation to Falcons funeral. I don’t believe the greatest diviners in Kyonin could have predicted this. Of course it’s a trap, and I do not understand why we should go at all. Despite this obvious fact, Vanya insisted on going which prompted Navarre to accompany her. I swear sometimes she does these things just to cause trouble. So I will be off shortly to see what torments our dark cousins have laid for us this time.


What has transpired has been both emotional and horrifying. My head is filled with so many thoughts that I can barley write. We arrived at Erages where the funeral was to take place at the same site where we buried those sacrificed during one of our first encounters with the dark elves. To our surprise, Falcon was offered to us by Lord Kestrel himself before taking his leave. I admit that I was looking foreword to seeing this fiend meet his end when Navarre stepped foreword and argued that Falcon should be spared. I was speechless. Navarre? Navarre who killed Marcus for the crime of smuggling and was willing to let the bizarre spider abominations starve to death was arguing to spare Falcons life? The debate became heated and Vanya took the opportunity to end Falcons life herself (if there is one thing to be said about my sister, it’s that she is a woman of action). However Navarre actually intervened and took Vanya’s strike himself. He saved Falcon. Falcon who has been torturing our father for century’s, and is responsible for the death of probably countless souls including Tove and Rillana. Still Navarre wants to redeem him? Falcon deserves nothing more then to burn in the deepest pits of the Nine Hells and Navarre actually threw himself in harms way to save him. HAS NAVARRE GONE INSANE? With Palanon and Amaras’s conditions, I’m beginning to wonder if my family has become cursed with lunacy.

It turns out however that Navarre stopping the slaying at that moment was beneficial because it soon became apparent that something was amiss. Why would they give Falcon to us so easily? Even I had to agree that something was suspicious about the set up. Thankfully Lor’Athorn and Palanon discovered that we were being scryed upon. They also found out that we were being scryed upon by someone against their will. A search of Falcon revealed that he was wearing an old shirt that belonged to my brother Sylthas. We concluded that it must be Tove’s spirit who being forced to watch us kill what she perceives to be her son because of the shirt Falcon wore. These fiends not just willing to let their victims lay in peace. Oh no, not them. They turned Rillana into a Shambling Mound to torment our father, and now they are aggravating Tove’s very soul to be used against us. We soon rec’d word that Valethi was under attack and we raced to the Elf gate to intervene.

We soon found ourselves facing bizarre shadow creatures that were attacking the staff at our manor. The fight was horrifying as the creatures ghostly form allowed them to bypass the armor Navarre wore. Navarre has always been so strong, like a rock that breaks the tides and all anger I was feeling for him disappeared when I saw one of these creatures tearing him to shreds. I have never seen my brother laid so low so quickly. I rushed forward to try and aid him and soon heard the cries from Amaras as one of the creatures was tearing into his hide. I was beginning to fear all was lost, but thankfully my family pulled through in the end. The magic weapons we wielded were able to hurt the creatures and Lor’Athorn and Palanon’s magic was finally able to destroy them. After the battle I went to treat my brother’s wounds and found that my prayers had no effect. I was horrified that nothing I could do could help them until someone offered they be taken to one of the holy temples. Thankfully when they were taken to sanctified ground my prayers were able to knit the wounds and return by brothers back to health.

Currently Navarre has locked Falcon away and is trying to redeem him and get him to change his ways. Navarre is stubborn to a fault but I have no doubt that despite his best efforts Falcon will remain as loathsome as always. At least now he will not be able to hurt my family anymore and we can focus our attention on Lord Kestrel.

I pray we do not run into anymore of the shadowy creatures again. To have my blessings and prayers do nothing for my family was a terrible experience that I do not want to relive.

Am I being tested?



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