Legacy of the Forlorn

Cold Blooded Orcs


We recently ran into Meritanis again, he was at a small village of Varisians in Orc Territory. Supposedly he, and his relatives, had a longstanding agreement with a neighboring orc village to have a sort of war game. Something were everyone could get involved but at the same time the winner was allowed to take some of the stores in the village proper. Meritanis said it was for the best, nobody gets hurt, and they live in peace with their neighbors. I was not convinced, and had to see it for myself, so I slipped out during the dinner and made a quick path toward the location of the village. I had managed to convince some people to talk about their neighbors and figured out a general location from that. It took relatively little time to make it to the orc village, and when I did I was standing in a slaughter. All the orcs that were to come and pretend to attack were dead. Killed by other orcs, wearing leather armor and enjoying the death they had brought to this village. Knowing that nobody would believe me if I came back empty handed, I took a piece of proof from one of the dead, a battered varisian shield I assumed was traded at some point in the past.

Making haste back to the Varisians I entered into a celebration and called Meritanis over, telling him of the death of his neighbors, and the orcs that seemed to be ready to come to this little village next. He was slow to believe me but Navarre stepped in and soon the camp was in a state of alert. I never really appreciated the military way of doing things until then. The efficiency with which Navarre had the Varisians moving was quite impressive. We decided to try a ruse and suck the orcs into an empty village, killing them in mass once they reached the gathering hall. Unfortunately Navarre, Mirri and Amaras went out to meet the orcs on the field of battle. I stayed back with Lor’Athorn and Palanon to protect the villagers.

Now I must say that I thought our plan would have worked rather well, but things being as they are, Navarre and Mirri ran head long into the approaching band of orcs. From what I was told later it took only a few moments for them to reach the point where Navarre started attacking the orcs. With a quick signal across our family bond, Lor’Athorn and Palanon stopped maintaining their magical deception, and started throwing fire across the plain to strike down those closest to Navarre and Mirri. Not having such capabilities I watched out for a flank maneuver from another group of orcs( a group that never appeared unfortunately). An unfortunate event in all this occurred shortly after the fighting began, Meritanis’ youngest child had managed to sneak out to the field of battle and was captured by the creature leading the assault, a dark elf. I was later told that as soon as she had the boy and his young playmate, she vanished from the battle.

With such a far lead on the rest of us we did what we could to chase after them, thankfully my families gifts also include a gifted tracker in Amaras. We were able to track the elf back to her camp. Amaras and I stealthy made our way to a shack where this dark elf could be heard. Making our way in I attempted to kill her in one swift blow, but I missed. My preparations for such an attack were off for some reason, and as such she noticed me, and took one of the children to use as a human shield. Amaras at this point tried to enter the room, all fang and claw with little reason, but I managed to convince him that his talents would be better suited killing the orcs. As he left I did what I do best, lie. After a few moments I managed to convince the dark elf that I was there to help her escape the wrath of my family, and as such would allow her the use of my magical ring to escape. With her guard down, and with a trusting smile she reached for my hand, and I killed her with a well-placed blow from Sirens’ Call. The look of shock that passed over her face as she realized she was dying was almost enough to make me smile.

The dark elf had a chest she was taking with her, but instead of gold inside, there were books. Books of such a foul and despicable nature, that only I could look through the pages without weeping or losing myself to the darkness within. Each page listed a name and location, with a single phrase of broken or fixed at the top of the page. Most disturbing were the accessories that were included in the book, pieces of skin, hair, fingernails, or other parts from those this creature had tortured. Having a moment of clarity I looked for the name of Quase and Faunra’s son, and found his name with a single word at the top of the page. Fixed. The creature was in charge of changing children into dark elves. With this I was even more pleased with myself and the end that had befallen that creature.



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