Legacy of the Forlorn

Blackaxe Part I


We recently came back to Velithi for our birthday, a celebratory dinner we have in recent history forgone due to our lives outside the estate. Yet with the passing of time it is nice to reflect with one another and the blessing that has been bestowed upon our father with is progeny. It was at this dinner that dire news was given to us. Treerazor has mounted an offensive and our holdings at Sunder Point are in danger, as the messenger would have us believe. With haste we packed our things and outfitted ourselves for battle, as it has been many long years since we had last faced the true might of Treerazor’s minions on the field of battle. Such an unfortunate event at our happy gathering.

Elensar decided to move with the other troops to guard the passages into Kyonin proper while the rest of us agreed to go defend Sunder Point. As we were leaving a chilling prophecy was spoken by my brother, that one of our blood would not survive the coming conflict. None of my other siblings seemed to be worried about Elensar’s prediction, but I was shaken as he has always had a very close connection with death, and I think she may whisper her intentions to him.

Upon arrival at Sunder Point through the elf gate we were surrounded by fire and screams. Men were attacking our hold, and from what we could hear, Brightglade and Risa were trapped within the small keep. Navarre has always had a strange desire that he does not act on with Brightglade, and rushed to the keep to defend her, and I instructed Ari to assist my brother as best he could. I slowly made my way out and around the building, as that is where my strengths lie, not in combat but in scouting and striking from the shadows. Scouting around the edge I saw the leader of this rabble attacking our keep, a giant. This giant was not just huge and towering over everything, but held in his hands a weapon that has been used to frighten children into doing their chores, The Blackaxe. Treerazor’s weapon was being wielded by this brute, and he was advancing on the observatory. Sending this message across our bond my family was quick to act.

Amaras in usual fashion did what he always does when faced with a deadly opponent, he rushes in headlong toward the danger instead of waiting for his family. And once again his recklessness nearly cost him is life. Charging in he managed to deal a number of blows to the giant, clawing and biting at him in his altered form. Yet after the fury of his initial attack subsided, the giant struck him solidly with the ax, cleaving into his chest and leaving a bloody pool upon the ground. We all did what we could to react quickly and help our brother, moving with the enhanced speed granted by Lor’Athorn we tried to close the distance to the giant. We were on the brink of victory when time seemed to stop for us. The Giant held aloft the ax and we moved like bugs trapped in amber. Locked in time the giant struck a nearby tree and was healed by the act, though the sapling was instantly reduced to ash in the process. Instead of killing us like I had thought the giant would it turned and advanced on the observatory again.

The frustration, anger, and fear that I saw on Palanons’ face as the giant started assaulting his new home was heartbreaking. He flung out spell after spell at the giant, as my siblings moved into attack the giant with everything we had. I think it was only Lor’Athorns’ well-timed charm that saved the day. Without it I fear that the observatory may have been destroyed. We quickly tracked down the other attackers and used the giant to kill them all, before I slew the creature since he was much to dangerous to let roam about the country and then go back to serving our enemy.

Once we finished we sent our message of success to Elensar, who responded with a desperate plea for assistance, for while we were defending Sunder Point Treerazor was advancing into Kyonin. Going back through the gate to Velithi we told the queen and our father of the information we had gained, and as such they decided that we were all going to go assist with stopping Treerazor’s advance into our lands. Such a thing leaves me filled with dread, as I know in my soul that we are not prepared to face such a foe.



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