Warden Teams

Regency Game – Warden Teams

Team Name Military Social Mystical Special
Blackwolf Pack +8 +2 +6 Aspects of the Nine: The Blackwolf Pack can receive the benefit of the Give Advice action up to nine times, one time for each player that uses the action.
Deep Forest Druids +4 +2 +6 Reading the Entrails: The Druids reduce the chance of causing Unintended Consequences by 15% when they are assigned a Mystical task during a month.
Grizzled Foresters +6 +6 +4 Hard-won Experience: The Foresters gain a +2 bonus to their task roll when assigned to any Creativity or Spirit-based tasks.
Spellsingers +2 +4 +6
Gladeguard +2 +4 +6
Waywatchers +4 +2 +2
Eternal Guard +4 +2 +2

The Waywatchers are a band of six young elves who answered the call of Amaras, and swore to help protect their forest home. The most talented of those among all who showed in stealth and scouting Amaras forged them into a band whose talents could be used to keep tabs on the various foes of the nation. Knowing the secret hidden paths of the forest they quickly move around and be where they are most needed.

The Eternal Guard are the last of the groups formed by Amaras to help him in his new role as warden. Druids, rangers and fighting men who wanted to do nothing more than protect the forest. Each of the elves showed great affinity with the creatures of the forest, so much so that Amaras brokered a peace with the great stags of the woods. They agreed to partner with the guard as steeds, and now they use them to race across Kynoin at the bidding of their Warden

The Spellsingers are some of the most talented young druids that remain as members of the old conclave of the green. Amaras has taken them and put them together where their skill and talents will aid each other, to them he has given the task of helping to heal the forest and undo the damage done by Tree Razer. Through singing and magic they will see their mission through.

The Gladeguard is the last band of youthful elves that Amaras has cobbled together, they have been tasked with a job of protecting the Glades and pristine places of their home. Their task is the most difficult for they will have to deal with various factions in the forest and guide them as they are needed. They will help rebuilt their forest home.

Grizzled Woodcutters – This group of men is one that stands out for they are not all elves, for many are half elven from Eragis. Their leader is a grizzled old man who many believe is crazy and talks to himself more than not, but Amaras saw something in him and appointed him leader. The men who chose know the forest well and have shed blood to defend what is theirs, now they have been given a larger purpose and shown that they are needed.

Warden Teams

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