In the southern part of the Fireani Forest, close to the horrifying Tanglebriar, sits the ancient elven estate of Valethi, currently overseen by Lord Caladlon Edasseril and his family. Valethi is a huge, sprawling manor, comfortable, warm, and inviting. There are numerous small courtyards, dozens of buildings, and a large, serene waterfall that dominates the center of the estate. About 60 or 70 people call Valethi home (in addition to Caladlon and his family) with another 30 or 40 guests in residence at any given time. Several smaller manors and homes have been built around Valethi, with nearly four dozen elven families living in the area.

Some important locations within Valethi include:

The Library

Caladlon’s extensive library sits near the center of the compound. Only one story tall above ground, it extends four stories below ground, with the bottommost floor containing dangerous texts and scrolls that can only be accessed with Caladlon’s express permission. Eight elven women, all devout priestess of Nethys, keep watch over the library. The collection here includes a great deal of magical lore and the largest collection of elven poetry outside of Iadara. Lor’Athorn and his brother Palanon are both known to spend a significant amount of time here.

The War Court

This chamber is where Caladlon usually holds court and meets with his advisers, preferring its smaller, more concentrated space to the vaulted ceilings and vast distances of the Great Hall. A great throne, grown of living wood, sits on the northern side. The middle of the room is filled with a vast tree trunk, the magic within it creating a constantly updating, living map of the Fireani Forest. A shaft of bright sunlight pieces the skylight above and illuminates the map.

The Autumn Courtyard

A great fountain, fed by an ice-cold underground spring, serves as the centerpiece to this courtyard, which sits north and to the west of the estate’s center. Thick, leafy vines grow all along the walls surrounding this courtyard, spilling out across the ground. Because it is wide and spacious, this courtyard is frequently used for sparring, training, and mock battles.

The Great Hall

The center of Caladlon’s estate is a vast and impressive royal court, although it is, in fact, seldom used, though it can easily hold hundreds of people. Visitors are struck by the elegant architecture, the awe-inspiring mosaic crystal windows, and the dozens of brightly-glowing spritelings that flit about, providing warmth and light. The entrance archway is a blessed altar to Findeladlara, the elven goddess of Art, Architecture, and Tradition. Her worshipers from across Kyonin (and some from beyond) occasionally make a pilgrimage to Valethi to pay their respects to her here.

The Ladies Gardens

Resting near the main manor house and secured behind high stonewalls this amazing garden had been the creation of all three of Caladlon’s wives. Started by his first wife as a small place she could call her own where she would go to be alone and contemplate anything she wished. At that time it was little more then a small bower with a looking pool surrounded by flowering hedges. When Tove married Caladlon she expanded the garden to include a magical hedge maze that would rearrange it self constantly, along with numerous magical statues that would pose riddles or sing ancient songs. The garden grew once more when Valies arrived, she expanded the looking pool into a series of smaller streams and pools which she populated with colorful fish and fowl. More trees were grown along with a variety of flowers and plants. Since her disappearance the place has been opened up to any who wish to visit and one can always find at least a few elves here aside from the army of gardeners tasked with its upkeep.

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