Legacy of the Forlorn

Sun Orchid Blues

Father and my siblings recently came to Daggermark to see my new project, the casino Xhanadu. They all seemed a bit unimpressed by the opulence of the place, but quickly masked their feelings as we all moved into a private dining area to enjoy a lovely meal. It was here that Father told us of a plan to truly find out what was going on in the world, but it meant that we would need to gain access to a very rare commodity, a Sun Orchid, or the sun orchid elixir. It was with this that Hailan came forward and told us of a shipment from Razmiran to Ullorth Ungin, ruler of Tymon (a small hold that is on the western boarder of the River Kingdoms).

We spent a great deal of time talking about this, as it seemed a much easier method of collecting the orchid then trying to buy it or steal it from the producers of the elixir, though I may see about stealing the recipe at a later date. The political fallout from such an attempt would be catastrophic to say the least, as the most powerful and wealthy individuals in the world spent fortunes each year in an attempt to secure more of the elixir for themselves. So we chose the easy way, talking to Ullorth.

We made our way slowly across the River Kingdoms to Tymon, I must say that I have not been in a condition to travel for a time and this was putting me in a bit of a mood, but Ari saw to my needs wonderfully. Once we arrived at Tymon, the name of both the country and the capital of the province, we were directed toward Ullorth. We spoke with him for a short time, discussing various things, but I finally broached the subject and with all honesty told him why we were here, to gain possession of the sun orchid, and as such we were ready to offer him an alternative if he allowed us to have the item. He was hesitant at first but we eventually came to an accord, we would steal the item in transit, so he would not have to uphold his end of the bargain with Razmiran, and we would reincarnate him when his time finally came. After we had made the deal we started to speculate as to the actual age of Ullorth, as he knew a great deal more about reincarnation then any gladiator should, so we set about asking questions to those people who had the most contact or experience in the village. As we suspected it seems that he has been ruler here for a lot longer than a single lifetime.

But not wanting to back out of our deal we did what we came to do. We set out and met the Razmiran contingent upon the road. I passed a signal to the Tymon guards to avoid attacking us when we assaulted the caravan, unfortunately I was not as subtle as I had hoped, leading to a conflict later that night when we attempted to steal the elixir. When we approached the priest called out at the slight sound we made upon entering the parameter of their camp. The Razmiran guards formed ranks and the high priest summoned a creature out of the abyss to attack us. We quickly went to work assaulting the creature, while Lor’Athorn and Palanon unleashed magical attacks on the group of paladins. Navarre was grabbed by the creature, and only with luck were we able to break him free before he was crushed in the creatures grip.
Slipping around behind some tents, I made my way past the paladins guarding the priest, and landed a blow that staggered him long enough for Coreena to take a precise aim and finish off the leader. After that it was relatively easy for us to eliminate the remaining guards, and free the Tymon escort.

We received the elixir and father has given his word to reincarnate Ulloth once his time arrives. We have given the elixir to Phos and I hope that he is quick with his discovery, as I will have need of him soon for a special project.

Blackaxe Part II

We arrived back at Velithi after killing the giant lord only to find that Father and our Aunt, Queen Talandria, had left to confront the forces of Treerazor without us. So with all haste we collected ourselves and moved through the elf gate to the location just north of the incursion into our lands. Once we arrived Amaras took to looking for tracks that would lead us to our family, he is so good at this sort of thing. While he was looking for signs of their passing we heard a sharp scream from the north, and made haste in that direction, as Mirri said that it was her companions voice that gave such a cry. So we moved to the north, instead of the south, and into the ravine that was created by foul magics.

As we progressed further into the ravine we came upon Coreena, who was running at full speed away from something, and as we approached we saw a slimy tendril snake around a corner to grab Coreena’s ankle, tripping her and stopping her escape. Mirri was beside herself with concern for her companion. Rushing forward toward her fallen friend, and in turn causing the rest of us to rush forward as well. As we moved on the offensive, both Palanon and Lor’Athorn unleashed a stream of magical attacks at the tentacle, causing it to momentarily vanish from sight around the jagged edges of the ravine.

Taking this as a reprieve my siblings closed the gap to Correna, while Ari and I defended our flank. It was a good thing too, since the tentacle monster used some magical effect to get behind us. Ari and I did what we could to flack such an odd demon, and quickly did enough harm to it so that Lor’Athorn could once again strike down our foes with his magical fury.
It was here that Mirri told us that Coreena was not just her companion, but her daughter, a half-elven child. This explains a lot about her behavior, toward both my profession and my relationship with Ari. And as much as I would have liked to drill her about the man, the human man, that she saw fit to give herself to, we still had more pressing matters of finding our father and aunt. Coreena was a great help in this as she managed to convey that father and the queen were not in the south as Amaras had thought but rather to the north, the direction that Coreena came from.

So we pushed forward, running in an attempt to find the rest of our family. It did not take long before we approached the site of a great magical battle. The queen was standing over our fathers still form, using a powerful ward to block the majority of Treerazors magic from affecting them. Seeing that more people had arrived to attack him, Treerazor unleashed an aura of decay that started to turn our flesh into plant, and rot away the flesh from our bodies. This was especially damaging to father for some reason, as he screamed out in pain at the burst of necrotic energy. Thinking quickly Lor’Athorn and Navarre used some magic to hasten father away from the magical effect that Treerazor was producing, and while we managed to save him from the necrotic effect father did not awaken.

The rest of us did what we could to prevent a spider creature that Treerazor summoned from attacking Navarre while he spirited father to safety. My magically inclined siblings managed to encase the creature in ice, locking it away from the combat. And while we readied ourselves to defend the queen, Treerazor vanished in a backlash of magical energy. At the edge of a deep crevasse laid his black ax. The queen wanted to go collect the artifact, but we managed to convince her that the momentary victory could turn to defeat if she put herself in further danger. So we left, carrying our father between us, hopeful that something could be done at Valithi.

Once we arrived the queen and Hailin told us of a tale that was both frightening and wondrous, how father gained his staff of power. According to them, it was a piece of the void itself, fallen to earth and discovered by our father. This staff was now keeping him locked in his body, draining the life from him. Amaras and I both started to sense another presence in the estate, and Amaras being a wild creature at heart was better able to locate the presence. Using him as a guide we followed a spectral trail to the elfgate, were we saw Bealin. He told us that it was taking father’s soul into the void, and that we had only until dawn to break its hold over him. So we each took a turn saying something to father, some of us talked of hope, some talked of how we would be at a loss without him. I told him the truth, that I could succumb to the darkness myself if he was not here to blunt my ambition and vengeful spirit. As the sun crested over the forest we waited with anticipation, and with a low sigh father released the staff, and once more joined the ranks of the living.

A Deadly Combination

Journal of Lor’Athorn Edasseril

Entry 30- A Deadly Combination

Discovery: Spellbook ritual

Magical Discovery: For this entry, I have switched away from creating a work of alchemy, and have instead tried my hand at creating something more arcane. After having come upon the spell book that contained within it an extraneous magical ritual, I thought I would try my hand at doing something similar. Through much deliverance, I have finally succeeded. In my current spellbook, I now have managed to create a ritual that allows me to assist my family more easily. Perhaps it will see great use in the coming conflicts.

Main Entry:

Our expedition into the island began as dangerously as expected. The boat ride found its way into conflict before we could even reach the island, as we were beset by a number of were-rats. They were desperate raiders that had been reduced to piracy simply to live. We slew all but one, and extracted information from the last before giving him an opportunity to escape.

Once we set foot on the island, we were able to tell that something was amiss. Corpses belonging to the strange alien parasytes were found strewn all about, having been crushed by large claws. Our worries were increased when we came upon a dark elf camp. It appeared that the dark elves had come here to carry out some dark research, as was indicated by the presence of two large abominations; combination of dark elf and spider… composed of each, but altogether something new and terrible. The dark elves had concocted a dark and dangerous chemical that contained the ability to merge two creatures into an unholy amalgam.

Navarre and Amaras, true to their character, put these creatures out of their misery, though the methods employed were less than savory. Our efforts had quickly brought the attention of a larger threat, driving us to find it before it found us. A large black dragon had taken up on this island, and through some unknown chain of events, become melded with the body of a dark elf. This combination did little more than drive the dragon mad, and give it slightly more arcane prowess. It was the madness I feared more than it’s magic.

Our fight was short and devastating, with each side strugglinng to gain an upper hand. We were victorious of course, which is not to say that dragons are ever easy opponents. It would serve as a steady reminder of the hardships we would face against such foes in the future.

We defeated the dragon, and were then able to suppress the danger it represented, as well as the dark elf research being conducted here. The dark elves were not done using this strange black elixir, however, as we would soon learn. The abblative nature of the dark elf plotting once again exhibited their short sightedness, but I fear now that their recklessness is more danger than any gains they might make from efficiency. Ours is a desperate enemy, and perhaps that is the most worrisome foe of all.

End Entry

Riddleport Bedlam

Journal of Lor’Athorn Edasseril

Entry the Twenty-Ninth: Riddleport Bedlam

Alchemical Discovery: With the success of my potion spraying device, I have further experimented with the concepts of liquids under pressure. Employing a syringe style device, I have created a presurized liquid gun of sorts. With this, I hope to employ the use of liquids such as the salt water mix needed to defeat the parasite creatures. With luck, this device will see use in steming the tide of their approach, if such a thing should come to pass. I must thank Navarre as always for being so clever, and for his help in creating yet another projectile device.

Main Entry-

Our trip to Riddleport was as usual fraught with all manner of trouble. It appeared that Amaras had insinuated himself into the area with a cover identity and accomplices. Though this was commendable on his part, he is not normally known for any degree of subtlety, so I was worried about the implications of his actions. How much of this was an act?

We very quickly discovered that the crux of the problems here came from both a dark skinned elf that had been involved in a burglary, as well as the starfall that afflicted the nearby island. A local casino was the target of this burglary while we were in attendance, so we did of course investigate. The dark skinned elf took what we had assumed was a key that would help us unravel the trouble on the nearby island, so we made haste to find him.

Clues quickly led us to the culprit, though what awaited us was obviously a trap. A quick chase led us to back back to the casino, which had been set with dangerous wards meant to weaken us. Amaras heeded no warning, and rushed in, taking the brunt of the traps, and being very quickly captured. We followed suit nearly as quickly as he did to witness the dark skinned elf performing a ritual over Amaras’ still form. A quick combat ensued, and we very narrowly rescued Amaras. The danger, however, was far from over.

Our slaying of the culprit had been the final component for his ritual, and summoned a star to fall directly on our location. With some clever thinking, Palanon and I were able to stop the star from making impact, and instead created a strange immaterial snowfall. I was able to gather some with a force disk, but I am as of yet unable to do much more with the substance. I have hopes that I can eventually learn how to craft it, though. With that out of the way, we made haste to the island, hoping that we could end any extant threats that may remain.

End Entry

Draconic Diplomacy

Journal of Lor’Athorn Edasseril

Entry 28- Draconic Diplomacy

Alchemical Discovery: Upon coming into contact with the parasites, I was immediately intrigued with their ability to take control of a corpse. When I started to inspect their anatomy, I discovered that they not only possessed a gland that could secrete a powerful nerve agent, but that they could actually fuse with the nervous system of their victims. This was, perhaps in some vague way, similar to the way that Shamblers used their nerve cluster to maneuver their large frames.

So far, my research has only yielded the distillation of the nerve agent. It is not lethal unless ingested in large quantities. It otherwise merely paralyzes a person’s nerves. This not makes it both a great anesthetic, as well as a great means of controlling the battlefield. I have given samples to Vanya, knowing that if nothing else, it may at least facilitate her job. For now, I hope that she can also test the applications more thoroughly.

Main Entry:

A curious thing occurred recently. Not only had Palanon stopped complaining about doing all of the work around court, but we had been told of a delegation from Cheliax that wished to deal with us. From the onset, it was a largely suspicious overture.

The delegation that arrived was as pompous and disorganized as I had expected, despite the claims that Cheliax is a nation of order. Even considering the odd situation with their false delegate, “her” associates were entertaining, in an unsettling way.

The only one that reflected even a small amount of discipline and dignity was their knight, whom was less affiliated with Cheliax than he was with the armies controlling the World Wound. It was for his alleged benefit that they had arrived. An ancestral weapon belonging to him had found its way into our territory, and they had wanted our assistance or permission in re-acquiring it.

As it happened, it was all a meandering ruse meant to bolster the reputation of Cheliax, much to the benefit of the delegate. This was, sadly, a prime example of the short sightedness of humanity when it comes to the search for personal power. She had very little in the way of long term goals, short as her life ultimately was.

Curiously, this delegate decided to leave as soon as she had arrived, which perplexed us just as much as it did her enteurage. We asked that she at least stay for dinner, to which she agreed somewhat reluctantly. We took the time to plan out our actions, and decipher the meaning of her actions.

We did not decide anything concrete until dinner time. Thankfully, the use of magic and subterfuge found a number of details to help us approach an answer. The most telling detail was the surprise apparent in the expressions of her companions, as well as their willingness to deal with us and to circumvent her authority.

As treacherous as these people must be, I never imagined they were so eager to break a chain of command in such a way. I imagine that there must be more chaos in their contractual wrangling than one might suspect. We parlayed with one of the delegate’s companions, whom was a strange and violent minded man in the delegate’s stead.

However, things soon became complicated. We discovered through careful analysis that the delegate was not herself, and that she might be a shapechanger of some sort. Worried that we had been the victims of some scam, Vanya investigated her room, and through a series of events found that delegate was really a green dragon posing as her.

This green dragon had wished to prevent the retrieval of this anti-draconic weapon at all costs, and had infiltrated the delegation to do so. Our fellowship wisely decided to deal with the dragons instead. I was close to raising the question, however, of our refusal to deal with Cheliax in a more diplomatic manner.

Though I would be the first to agree that they are a disgusting nation for selling themselves to devils, I feel that our position is not firm enough or certain enough. A distant and neutral approach is best, but after this incident, I wonder if we can maintain that neutrality. We cannot afford a conflict with them right now, given our war with Treerazor. Should they be in leage with him directly, that would then necessitate that we do what we can to isolate their involvement even further. Our nonchallant attitude may someday prove to be careless on a level usually associated with humans.

The machinations did not stop there. The strange and violent man that was part of the imposter’s delegation was framed for murder, which seemed to please Vanya. This meant that the man would be sentenced to death, no doubt paying for some hereto undiscovered crime. All the same, it is a bit unsettling. The dragons were pleased with the results, and we had managed to get them to agree to broker with us a deal for weapons, which we would then give to the knight for the purposes of defending against the World Wound.

This alliance with the dragons was curiously successful, and gave me hope. We are capable of diplomacy with those dissimilar from ourselves, but our methodology and consistency was still a fickle thing. I still await a reaction from Cheliax at this strange occurrence.

-End Entry

Blackaxe Part I

We recently came back to Velithi for our birthday, a celebratory dinner we have in recent history forgone due to our lives outside the estate. Yet with the passing of time it is nice to reflect with one another and the blessing that has been bestowed upon our father with is progeny. It was at this dinner that dire news was given to us. Treerazor has mounted an offensive and our holdings at Sunder Point are in danger, as the messenger would have us believe. With haste we packed our things and outfitted ourselves for battle, as it has been many long years since we had last faced the true might of Treerazor’s minions on the field of battle. Such an unfortunate event at our happy gathering.

Elensar decided to move with the other troops to guard the passages into Kyonin proper while the rest of us agreed to go defend Sunder Point. As we were leaving a chilling prophecy was spoken by my brother, that one of our blood would not survive the coming conflict. None of my other siblings seemed to be worried about Elensar’s prediction, but I was shaken as he has always had a very close connection with death, and I think she may whisper her intentions to him.

Upon arrival at Sunder Point through the elf gate we were surrounded by fire and screams. Men were attacking our hold, and from what we could hear, Brightglade and Risa were trapped within the small keep. Navarre has always had a strange desire that he does not act on with Brightglade, and rushed to the keep to defend her, and I instructed Ari to assist my brother as best he could. I slowly made my way out and around the building, as that is where my strengths lie, not in combat but in scouting and striking from the shadows. Scouting around the edge I saw the leader of this rabble attacking our keep, a giant. This giant was not just huge and towering over everything, but held in his hands a weapon that has been used to frighten children into doing their chores, The Blackaxe. Treerazor’s weapon was being wielded by this brute, and he was advancing on the observatory. Sending this message across our bond my family was quick to act.

Amaras in usual fashion did what he always does when faced with a deadly opponent, he rushes in headlong toward the danger instead of waiting for his family. And once again his recklessness nearly cost him is life. Charging in he managed to deal a number of blows to the giant, clawing and biting at him in his altered form. Yet after the fury of his initial attack subsided, the giant struck him solidly with the ax, cleaving into his chest and leaving a bloody pool upon the ground. We all did what we could to react quickly and help our brother, moving with the enhanced speed granted by Lor’Athorn we tried to close the distance to the giant. We were on the brink of victory when time seemed to stop for us. The Giant held aloft the ax and we moved like bugs trapped in amber. Locked in time the giant struck a nearby tree and was healed by the act, though the sapling was instantly reduced to ash in the process. Instead of killing us like I had thought the giant would it turned and advanced on the observatory again.

The frustration, anger, and fear that I saw on Palanons’ face as the giant started assaulting his new home was heartbreaking. He flung out spell after spell at the giant, as my siblings moved into attack the giant with everything we had. I think it was only Lor’Athorns’ well-timed charm that saved the day. Without it I fear that the observatory may have been destroyed. We quickly tracked down the other attackers and used the giant to kill them all, before I slew the creature since he was much to dangerous to let roam about the country and then go back to serving our enemy.

Once we finished we sent our message of success to Elensar, who responded with a desperate plea for assistance, for while we were defending Sunder Point Treerazor was advancing into Kyonin. Going back through the gate to Velithi we told the queen and our father of the information we had gained, and as such they decided that we were all going to go assist with stopping Treerazor’s advance into our lands. Such a thing leaves me filled with dread, as I know in my soul that we are not prepared to face such a foe.

House of Sky

We recently received summons from the lord of the giant eagles located above Sunder Point at the house of sky. Our presence has been requested in much the same manner as heroes of the past had been summoned, with the use of small silver owls, a small silver owl I traded away for the benefit of gaining the trust of the lake elves of Encarthain. It is only because of our rare gift to communicate with each other telepathically that I was giving the information of this meeting. Using an elfgate just south of Daggermark I made my way to Gault then back to Kyonin. I really must do something about hiding the location of the elf gate better then it currently is.

Arriving home I was greeted by my siblings in much the same manner as ever. We all had a brief dinner and made plans to depart. I had recently come into possession of documents regarding the manufacture and enchanting process of the Final Blades of Gault. Hoping that I could get my siblings assistance in manufacturing a melee version of the blade I gave the information to Lor’Athorn and requested that he study the document and let me know what he thought about the process of making weapons such as this, as well as defending against the effects that the weapons could produce if struck by one. I suppose I should have been more explicit in my instructions as he went to Navarre with the document, and after a brief moment of reading it, I have been told that Navarre tossed it into the forge to burn away to nothing. Currently I am very upset about this turn of events. I will have to find alternative means to the creation of such weapons.

In the morning we set out through the elf gate to Sunder Point. I was excited as I now had the opportunity to unveil a gift I had commissioned for Palanon, a large astronomical observatory built into the side of the mountain overlooking the night sky of Kyonin, without all the trees being in the way. I have to admit that I have ulterior motive in the creation of such a thing, I need him to learn the secret of the rejuvenating aerie that was destroyed under the streets of Greengold, so that I can replicate it and provide the means to King Borogrim to revitalize the Axe of Dwarven Kings.

Palanon was extremely excited about the gift; I dare say he was moved more by this then by any other gift that has ever been bestowed up him. In addition, if not for our meeting with the Eagle lord we may not have been able to pry him away from the observatory at all. It was at this point that I realized that we would have to climb up the mountain, a skill that I have been neglecting in my training I must admit. It is much easier to talk your way past all the guards in a building then to climb it from the outside. Such a long climb left me with little energy and a foul mood upon reaching the top.

The Eagle king was impressive, a huge thing with remarkable coloring and grace, yet he also had a foul mood from what I could tell, something steeped in the old ways of doing things, and demanded traditional responses to questions posed to us. I must admit that the long climb and lack of air at such a great height did little to make me quick witted or charming, as my responses almost ended our meeting before it began. Luckily Palanon was able to step up and express our joy at being granted such an audience, and what we could do to honor age old agreements between our people.

It was at this point that we were asked to go into the house of sky, an extra dimensional space, that has been corrupted by an outside force, and the eagles wanted it back. So that was our task, go in and get it back for them. Sometimes I truly hate being the errand boy for people. They have been unable to get their domain back so they call on old bargains and treaties to get us to do it for them. Anger does not sit will on my brow at this time, as the effort of climbing up a mountain was now coupled with a request that could lead to my death. Stupid birds.

Of course my siblings all jumped at the chance to go on a life threatening mission into the unknown. So up we went into a strange location that seemed to be made of nothing more then air, walking on floating platforms that did not stir as we walked across them and into a temple made of a strange stone that floated in the air. Great statues flanked the entrance, and being a cautious person I made every effort to see if anything was amiss at the entry way. My paranoia has always keep me safe and this time was no exception, as a magical trap was set to trigger once anyone passed the threshold, and the skills that I have not neglected in my training paid off as I was able to disarm the magical trigger, allowing us to pass unharmed.

Once inside we spread out a little since we did not know what to expect in such a situation, and at this we were quickly set upon by an enemy in the darkness, someone who summoned creatures to attack us. The coward was able to stay well away from the melee by hovering over the battlefield, but Lor’Athorn was able to summon creatures to assail our attacker in midair, allowing the rest of us to dispatch is summoned minions. In little more than a minute the fight was over, and we were able to examine the body of our would be attacker, and wouldn’t you guess, another dark elf. Taking what we could from his corpse, if for no other reason than to prove we had accomplished our task we left the house of sky and once again move into the prime plane.

The king of the eagles was extremely pleased that we managed to eliminate the intruder, as the prior heroes from the previous age had been unable to do so. I was wise enough to keep my tongue at this since we were essentially sent into a death trap by our “ally”. His reward for our service was to enhance our little silver owls to summon one of his subjects to assist us if we are in dire trouble. I was less then enthused about our payment, mostly cause I had traded it away, and asked if we could go back to our normal lives again if he had no further use of our talents.

Leaving the domain of the eagles we went home, and I am pleased to know that Palanon has decided to move out of Velithi and into Sunder Point.

Funeral of Falcon

I want Falcon dead. Ever since I have realized that he has been toying with my family I have held a deep desire to kill him. And I had my chance, he was served up for us by his own kind. A punishment for his failure and unfulfilled plots to bring us down. We were going to be giving the chance to watch him die. Such a gift was given to us only as a trap, and yet I could not help myself but to feel excited to see his demise. Each of us received a letter of sorts to come see his body, and much to our surprise, additional letters were sent out to other persons who have been wronged by his plots.

The place of his viewing was to be Erages, a burial mound where we first encountered our dark cousins in greater numbers. Arriving in Erages we met with Valstar, the prince from the lake elves, and he told us that he had been sent an invitation to the funeral of Falcon. Not wanting him to become a causality if things went badly, such as this being a real trap, we asked him to go back to his people. For some reason only Amaras was able to get our intentions across to Valstar.

After a short day we went to the location specified by the dark elves and waited for them to produce Falcons’ body to us. I was shocked when the dark elves came dragging a living prisoner behind them, dressed in little more than rags, Falcon was deposited to the ground before us by Lord Kestral. I have to admit that Falcon looked every part the captive. Lord Kestral produced a dagger and told us that it was our right to end Falcons life if we so choose, something I was quick to accept at face value as I did not want to lose the chance to kill this man again.

My siblings being of cooler heads, hesitated and demanded that Falcon be left alone and the dark elves leave the place, since this was our territory and we hold the rights of law in our lands. Kestral was amicable to this and had his people leave, handing the dagger over to me as he left Falcon kneeling on the ground before my siblings. This is when I would like to say that I struck down the evil creature, exacting a small revenge for all the things he has done to my family, but my siblings had other plans. They started talking to him, asking Falcon questions and demanding answers, in hopes of finding more information about his plans and schemes. As the questioning continued it became more apparent to me that they did not plan on killing him, and a cold rage consumed me. I took my time and approached him as unthreateningly as possible in hopes that Navarre would not notice me, but he knows me too well. Navarre actually stepped in front of my blade as I attempted to assassinate Falcon.

I was then questioned as to my reasons for trying to kill Falcon, the insanity of Amaras must be spreading to the rest of my siblings for only Mirri was willing to support me in my desire to kill this creature that has plagued our house for the past eight years. If not for Mirri’s support I think that my siblings would have turned against me for wanting this blight upon our house removed. It was because of these arguments and musing of traps that the real plan was uncovered, Falcon was the final piece of his own plot to turn the spirit of Tove into a Banshee. From what I understand he was cloaked in some minor magical effect as well as being scryed, with the viewer being forced to watch the events transpiring at his execution.

With this new information Palanon suddenly spoke up and said that Vilithi was being attacked. Not wanting to waste any time we made as much haste as we could in returning home. When we arrived our house guards alerted us to the attack, some type of shadow creatures were attacking people near the gate. Quickly we moved into the area, passing off our prisoner to the house guard, Navarre decided not to kill him even after we figured out the trap and how to “disarm” it. The shadow creatures were much harder to kill than anything else we have encountered to date, as they were insubstantial, and our blades passed through them with no effect in most cases. And while our weapons could not damage them, so to was our armor unable to stop the claws of these creatures, Navarre was badly injured because of this, as he relies heavily upon his armor to stop injury. After dispatching the shadows we all went our separate ways again, with everyone except Mirri and I in favor of trying to convert Falcon away from the dark path he has chosen. Navarre is actually taking him to Greengold to live in his house and work in his forge in hopes of turning him from a dark elf into a normal elf. Thinking that maybe the process that changes elves can be reversed.

I tried to tell him that I think it is folly, there are some things that cannot be changed, but my siblings are convinced that such a thing is possible since a being of unimaginable power was able to separate Risa into two aspects, one good and one evil, and they think the same may be possible for Falcon with either magical support or just time. I on the other hand am watching and planning for the day that Navarre lets down his guard and I can end Falcon and the threat he poses to our family.

Cold Blooded Orcs

We recently ran into Meritanis again, he was at a small village of Varisians in Orc Territory. Supposedly he, and his relatives, had a longstanding agreement with a neighboring orc village to have a sort of war game. Something were everyone could get involved but at the same time the winner was allowed to take some of the stores in the village proper. Meritanis said it was for the best, nobody gets hurt, and they live in peace with their neighbors. I was not convinced, and had to see it for myself, so I slipped out during the dinner and made a quick path toward the location of the village. I had managed to convince some people to talk about their neighbors and figured out a general location from that. It took relatively little time to make it to the orc village, and when I did I was standing in a slaughter. All the orcs that were to come and pretend to attack were dead. Killed by other orcs, wearing leather armor and enjoying the death they had brought to this village. Knowing that nobody would believe me if I came back empty handed, I took a piece of proof from one of the dead, a battered varisian shield I assumed was traded at some point in the past.

Making haste back to the Varisians I entered into a celebration and called Meritanis over, telling him of the death of his neighbors, and the orcs that seemed to be ready to come to this little village next. He was slow to believe me but Navarre stepped in and soon the camp was in a state of alert. I never really appreciated the military way of doing things until then. The efficiency with which Navarre had the Varisians moving was quite impressive. We decided to try a ruse and suck the orcs into an empty village, killing them in mass once they reached the gathering hall. Unfortunately Navarre, Mirri and Amaras went out to meet the orcs on the field of battle. I stayed back with Lor’Athorn and Palanon to protect the villagers.

Now I must say that I thought our plan would have worked rather well, but things being as they are, Navarre and Mirri ran head long into the approaching band of orcs. From what I was told later it took only a few moments for them to reach the point where Navarre started attacking the orcs. With a quick signal across our family bond, Lor’Athorn and Palanon stopped maintaining their magical deception, and started throwing fire across the plain to strike down those closest to Navarre and Mirri. Not having such capabilities I watched out for a flank maneuver from another group of orcs( a group that never appeared unfortunately). An unfortunate event in all this occurred shortly after the fighting began, Meritanis’ youngest child had managed to sneak out to the field of battle and was captured by the creature leading the assault, a dark elf. I was later told that as soon as she had the boy and his young playmate, she vanished from the battle.

With such a far lead on the rest of us we did what we could to chase after them, thankfully my families gifts also include a gifted tracker in Amaras. We were able to track the elf back to her camp. Amaras and I stealthy made our way to a shack where this dark elf could be heard. Making our way in I attempted to kill her in one swift blow, but I missed. My preparations for such an attack were off for some reason, and as such she noticed me, and took one of the children to use as a human shield. Amaras at this point tried to enter the room, all fang and claw with little reason, but I managed to convince him that his talents would be better suited killing the orcs. As he left I did what I do best, lie. After a few moments I managed to convince the dark elf that I was there to help her escape the wrath of my family, and as such would allow her the use of my magical ring to escape. With her guard down, and with a trusting smile she reached for my hand, and I killed her with a well-placed blow from Sirens’ Call. The look of shock that passed over her face as she realized she was dying was almost enough to make me smile.

The dark elf had a chest she was taking with her, but instead of gold inside, there were books. Books of such a foul and despicable nature, that only I could look through the pages without weeping or losing myself to the darkness within. Each page listed a name and location, with a single phrase of broken or fixed at the top of the page. Most disturbing were the accessories that were included in the book, pieces of skin, hair, fingernails, or other parts from those this creature had tortured. Having a moment of clarity I looked for the name of Quase and Faunra’s son, and found his name with a single word at the top of the page. Fixed. The creature was in charge of changing children into dark elves. With this I was even more pleased with myself and the end that had befallen that creature.

Deaths Door

I have received an invitation to Falcons funeral. I don’t believe the greatest diviners in Kyonin could have predicted this. Of course it’s a trap, and I do not understand why we should go at all. Despite this obvious fact, Vanya insisted on going which prompted Navarre to accompany her. I swear sometimes she does these things just to cause trouble. So I will be off shortly to see what torments our dark cousins have laid for us this time.


What has transpired has been both emotional and horrifying. My head is filled with so many thoughts that I can barley write. We arrived at Erages where the funeral was to take place at the same site where we buried those sacrificed during one of our first encounters with the dark elves. To our surprise, Falcon was offered to us by Lord Kestrel himself before taking his leave. I admit that I was looking foreword to seeing this fiend meet his end when Navarre stepped foreword and argued that Falcon should be spared. I was speechless. Navarre? Navarre who killed Marcus for the crime of smuggling and was willing to let the bizarre spider abominations starve to death was arguing to spare Falcons life? The debate became heated and Vanya took the opportunity to end Falcons life herself (if there is one thing to be said about my sister, it’s that she is a woman of action). However Navarre actually intervened and took Vanya’s strike himself. He saved Falcon. Falcon who has been torturing our father for century’s, and is responsible for the death of probably countless souls including Tove and Rillana. Still Navarre wants to redeem him? Falcon deserves nothing more then to burn in the deepest pits of the Nine Hells and Navarre actually threw himself in harms way to save him. HAS NAVARRE GONE INSANE? With Palanon and Amaras’s conditions, I’m beginning to wonder if my family has become cursed with lunacy.

It turns out however that Navarre stopping the slaying at that moment was beneficial because it soon became apparent that something was amiss. Why would they give Falcon to us so easily? Even I had to agree that something was suspicious about the set up. Thankfully Lor’Athorn and Palanon discovered that we were being scryed upon. They also found out that we were being scryed upon by someone against their will. A search of Falcon revealed that he was wearing an old shirt that belonged to my brother Sylthas. We concluded that it must be Tove’s spirit who being forced to watch us kill what she perceives to be her son because of the shirt Falcon wore. These fiends not just willing to let their victims lay in peace. Oh no, not them. They turned Rillana into a Shambling Mound to torment our father, and now they are aggravating Tove’s very soul to be used against us. We soon rec’d word that Valethi was under attack and we raced to the Elf gate to intervene.

We soon found ourselves facing bizarre shadow creatures that were attacking the staff at our manor. The fight was horrifying as the creatures ghostly form allowed them to bypass the armor Navarre wore. Navarre has always been so strong, like a rock that breaks the tides and all anger I was feeling for him disappeared when I saw one of these creatures tearing him to shreds. I have never seen my brother laid so low so quickly. I rushed forward to try and aid him and soon heard the cries from Amaras as one of the creatures was tearing into his hide. I was beginning to fear all was lost, but thankfully my family pulled through in the end. The magic weapons we wielded were able to hurt the creatures and Lor’Athorn and Palanon’s magic was finally able to destroy them. After the battle I went to treat my brother’s wounds and found that my prayers had no effect. I was horrified that nothing I could do could help them until someone offered they be taken to one of the holy temples. Thankfully when they were taken to sanctified ground my prayers were able to knit the wounds and return by brothers back to health.

Currently Navarre has locked Falcon away and is trying to redeem him and get him to change his ways. Navarre is stubborn to a fault but I have no doubt that despite his best efforts Falcon will remain as loathsome as always. At least now he will not be able to hurt my family anymore and we can focus our attention on Lord Kestrel.

I pray we do not run into anymore of the shadowy creatures again. To have my blessings and prayers do nothing for my family was a terrible experience that I do not want to relive.

Am I being tested?


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