Varisian Scarf

Blessed Protection


Aura: faint abjuration; CL 5th

This scarf functions similarly to a cloak of resistance +1, although it provides a luck bonus rather than a resistance bonus.


This gold and orange scarf is several feet long and elegantly beautiful. It was owned by the great Varisian leader Vaylen Elf-Friend, added to and embroidered throughout his lifetime. It carries some of the good fortune of his fate and family, though its blessing comes with a catch: should the wearer ever maliciously do harm to a Varisian or restrict the freedom of the Varisian people, the scarf instantly loses all of its blessing and quickly unravels, leaving behind nothing more than clumps of fabric and tangles of golden thread.

After Valen’s death, he passed on this scarf to the elven children of Caladlon Edasseril to thank them for aiding his people.

Varisian Scarf

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