The Scarlet Cap of Courage

Bard's Cap


This soft felt cap never quite seems to sit right unless it’s on a bard. It fits fine when worn by a bard of any race or gender, regardless of size.

Alignment: Neutral Good
Int: 14
Wis: 11
Cha: 18
Ego: 21
Languages: Common, read languages, telepathy
Senses: Senses 60 ft.
Special abilities:
At will: light, speak language
3/day: remove fear, calm emotions, good hope,
Dedicated Powers:
At will: greater heroism, joyful rapture


The bard Mikolai was one of the legendary Knights of Cydonia. Many tales are told of his exploits with the Knights, but the most common portray him as an inspiring leader and commander of armies. His presence at a battle could single-handedly turn the tide and restore morale to the most weary troops.

The Scarlet Cap is an intelligent item that carries on the legacy of Mikolai and the Knights of Cydonia. It compels it’s wielder encourage and support their allies, and to provide inspiration during the hardest times through their shining example. It grants the ability to remove fear, exhaustion and similar effects from the wielder and his companions, allowing them to carry on fighting even in the worst conditions.

If the wearer swears an oath to the cap to carry on the legacy of the Knights of Cydonia, the cap grants the wearer the ability to ignore fatigue conditions in a fight, although outside of battle the conditions can return. If the wearer enters combat again, the conditions are removed for the duration of that combat. In addition, the wearer is immune to fear effects & morale-based penalties during combat. If the wearer has the bardic song ability, they can spend a use of their bard song to extend these abilities to all allies in hearing range of the song. If the wearer ever breaks their oath, the sword immediately vanishes and will never be found by that person again.

The Scarlet Cap of Courage

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