The Great Staff of Ktolomagne

Wizard's Staff

weapon (melee)

This massive black iron +2 staff weighs a great deal, but when handled by someone with even a small amount of arcane magical potential, it weighs no more than a similarly sized staff made of wood. Regardless of thier strength, arcane spellcasters can weild the heavy staff without a problem.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Int: 20
Wis: 16
Cha: 10
Ego: 26
Languages: All, telepathy
Senses: Read languages, read magic, Blindsense 60 ft.
Special abilities:
At will: light, detect magic
1/day: arcane sight, greater, dispel magic, greater, legend lore
3/day: dispel magic, identify, globe of invulnerability
+10 ranks in Knowledge: Arcana
+10 ranks in Spellcraft


The wizard/sorcerer Ktolomagne was a member of the Knights of Cydonia, and a powerful spellcaster and artificer. It is suspected that Ktolomagne was responsible for the creation of the items that bear the names and personalities of the Knights, though this cannot be proven.

Ktolomagne was a gifted scholar and archivist, and felt that knowledge should be shared with all, for the betterment of all society. He fought boldly against those that would censor, control or even destroy knowledge or places of learning. Ktolomagne’s Greatstaff is an intelligent item that compels it’s weilder to pursue this same agenda.

If the weilder swears an oath to the greatstaff to carry on the legacy of the Knights of Cydonia, the staff gains the ability to automatically counter a spell cast against the weilder as an immediate action. The weilder need not be aware of the spell, though the staff must be. When a spell is countered in this manner, the weilder is immediately aware of the location and nature of the spell’s caster, and any vulnerablities the caster might have to any spells the weilder knows or has prepared. If the weilder breaks thier oath, the staff vanishes from thier possession, and will never be found by them again.

The Great Staff of Ktolomagne

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