Starcaller Pits

A Tool to Change the Heavens and Shatter the Earth


A Starcaller Pit can vary in appearance, but it is usually a circular indentation ten feet in diameter, five feet deep, and bounded by a thick ring of metal inscribed with arcane symbols. Some of the symbols used are truly ancient in origin, dating back to the reign of the Aboleths, some are apparently elven, and a handful of others defy any known categorization. This metal ring is composed of a mixture of copper and bronze, forged in volcanic heat and cooled in blood.

When properly activated (a process involving a complex ritual and a sentient sacrifice) the pit calls a ‘star’ down from the sky, removing it from its proper constellation and bringing it to earth. This causes a tremendous amount of physical damage, as the star’s entry to our world is generally abrupt and violent. That damage, however, is actually a side effect of the pit’s intended effect: to change the sky itself.

The aforementioned ‘star’ object which appears and crashes to the ground is nothing more than a simple comet or meteor, pulled rudely out of its orbit. But the power of the pit, when combined with the proper ritual, does somehow actually change the position of the stars in the night sky. The mechanics of its operation are not yet fully understood, but the pits do seem to have some uncanny (and disturbing) similarities to the aiudara, the legendary Elf Gates.


The secrets of the Starcaller Pits were first discovered by Lor’Athorn, after deciphering them from the Journal of the Starcaller.

Starcaller Pits

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