Spell: Miracle of Rebirth

Return from the Dead with Renewed Life


School transmutation; Level druid 4, witch 5

Casting Time 10 minutes
Components V, S, M, DF (blessed seed worth 5,000 gp)

Range touch
Target creature touched
Duration permanent until discharged or dispelled (D)
Saving Throw none Spell Resistance yes (harmless)

A creature blessed by this spell gains the ability to return from the grave if they die through violence or any other sort of unnatural end. A slain creature may activate this ability any time between 10 minutes and 1 week after death occurs, at which point their soul reincarnates in the form of a healthy adult animal the same size as the previous body and of a type common to where the previous body died. The character’s ability scores do not change, but she gains all abilities associated with her new form, including forms of movement and speeds, natural armor, natural attacks, extraordinary abilities, and the like. The character gains a negative level, which cannot be removed by any means, but goes away automatically when the character achieves a new experience level or dies. This ability doesn’t work if the character was killed by a death effect or she was turned into an undead creature.

Each time a creature in animal form gains a new experience level, she may attempt a DC 20 Will save; success means she regains her previous race and appearance. A creature cannot ever be the subject of this spell twice—if a creature has ever benefited from miracle of rebirth, she cannot have this spell case on her again.


Spell: Miracle of Rebirth

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