Sonorous Crystal

Crystals that amplify sound


Sonorous Crystals amplify sound, allowing for a whisper to be heard over several meters, or
a shout to be heard for hundreds of meters. If set into certain instruments, such as the
inside of a mandolin or in the chamber of a flute, those instruments then deliver a louder

If used in a bardic instrument, the range of all performance abilities is increased by 50%.
For instance, the range of the Fascinate performance ability goes from 90ft to 135 ft. The
downside to the modification is that the sonorous crystal cannot be turned off or mitigated.
As such, most performances are marred by a lack of soft or subtle sounds, giving the
modified instrument a -1 penalty on perform checks when used. Masterwork instruments using
the Sonorous Crystal mitigate this penalty by accounting for acoustics and sound, but do
not grant their usual bonus.

There are exceptions to the -1 penalty in the case of certain instruments that are not
normally subtle, such as Dwarven Sound Pipes, or Orcish Battle Horns.

Additionally, the Sonorous crystal can be alchemically applied to a Thunderstone. When this
is done, the Thunderstone’s reaction changes. Rather than causing deafness, it instead
creates a sound wave that is inaudible, but deadly. This effect deals 1D8 sonic damage to a
10 ft radius spread, or half with a successful reflex save (DC 18). This effect is not
amplified with simultaneous uses. Two or more modified Thunderstones will still only deal
1d8 sonic damage.

One sonorous crystal can modify 4 thunderstones. It should be noted that thunderstones that are modified in this way are much more diffucult to transport, and prone to accidentally triggering.

DC to Craft- 30
Cost- 40 gp


Lor’Athorn had been intrigued by a number of discoveries since the fellowship’s outing to
the lake. One of his ideas was on the nature of sound as it travels through different
materials. For instance, sound behaves differently going through water than it does through
air. With that understanding, Lor’Athorn set about experimenting with a myriad of matter to
see what could dampen or amplify sound. The fruit of his research is this alchemical
crystal, which can be installed into certain instruments, or used on its own to amplify
sound when held up to the source of the sound.

Sonorous Crystal

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