Slow Freeze Mixture

Freeze Bomb that slows movement.


This mixture acts as a splash weapon, dealing 1d6 cold damage as well as dealing 1 point of cold damage to any creature in a 5 ft radius, as per Liquid Ice.

Its secondary effect on the initial target is to freeze it in place. This effect is the same as a tanglefoot bag. This effect is removed if the entangled target is subject to any fire or heat effects, such as a burning hands spell, or a flask of Alchemist’s Fire.

Craft DC: 30
Price: 75 Gold


An alchemist known as Lor’Athorn Edasseril created this mixture to help his siblings on the battlefield, recognizing the tactical advantage in movement, especially when seeing how quickly his tougher brothers were surrounded by dangerous foes. This mixture is born of that need, exhibiting the traits of both a damaging weapon, and a tool for slowing the advance of enemies.

Slow Freeze Mixture

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