Silver Starknife

Devil Slicer

weapon (melee)

This weapon is a masterwork alchemical silver Starknife (+1 masterwork bonus on attack rolls, 1d4 damage, critical x3, 20’ range, piercing) with a very minor blessing of fate that causes it to deal +1 damage to Devils. This blessing originates from divine magic, although it is not strong enough for the weapon to be considered enchanted for the purposes of damage reduction.


This valuable weapon belonged to Meritanus, a chieftan of the Varisian people. When his family was attacked by foul lemures, Meritanus reluctantly gave his starknife to Elensar, who used it to strike the blow that ended the battle. As the sunlight glittered across the starknife’s silver blades, Meritanus realized that his family’s heirloom would be best used in another’s hands, and so he pleaded with Elensar to keep it. The weapon is destined to be used again in the battle against Treerazor’s foul minions.

Silver Starknife

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