Seerbloom Ale

Headly Psychotropic Brew


The Dwarves of Highhelm traded with the gnomish Illusionist Amon (via a caravan of Varisians led by Meritanus) to procure the ingredients needed to brew this remarkable concoction. It is powerfully hallucinogenic and highly intoxicating. Those who drink it find it difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction, suffering a -2 penalty on all saving throws versus spells from the illusion school. But this altered state can also have some benefits: the imbiber’s caster level for any spells of the divination school is increased by one, and the duration of any such effects is doubled.


Those who have consumed great quantities of Seerbloom Ale have reported strange and potentially prophetic dreams. They have also reported absolutely horrifying hangovers.

Seerbloom Ale

Legacy of the Forlorn Nonamazing