Nonlethal ammunition for use with black powder weapons


Salt-shot ammunition functions differently than normal ammunition when used with Black Powder weapons. When striking skin, it causes an intense burning pain that distracts the target.

First, it does not have the penetrating power that metal shot does. As such, shots fired with salt-shot do not act as a ranged touch attack at any range increment.

Second, salt-shot only does lethal damage when shooting adjacent targets. Otherwise, it deals non-lethal damage.

Third, anyone actually struck by a salt-shot round must make a fort save, DC 16. If the save is successful, the target is sickened for 1 round. If the save is failed, the target is sickened for 1d4 rounds. Targets wearing heavy armor receive a +4 to their saving throws.

A given target cannot be affected by this effect more than once per encounter, as the person’s system has already acclimated to the shock of pain.

In case it needs to be mentioned, the sickening effect does not function on undead, constructs, elementals, or any creature without a nervous system. Creatures of either the water or aquatic sub-type are sickened for twice as long if they possess a nervous system, and in either case take an extra 50% damage from salt-shot.


Lor’Athorn Edasseril, in his attempt to blunt the effects of black powder weapons, wracked his brains for something that might be divert the perception of guns away from an entirely lethal weapon.

In discussing things with his siblings, it was his sister Mirrianna who suggested searching for new answers in magic or alchemy. Taking that idea to heart, Lor’Athorn looked to the ammunition for a solution, and he found one.

Though salt-shot was not ideal for the size and shape of a bullet, it would still function with roughly the same efficiency, though certainly not the same destructive power. However, this was just as well. Perhaps this new ammunition could at least provide a more peaceful use of the black powder weapon.


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