Sailor's Kelp

A small bit of plant that can help with holding breaths for longer.


Mechanics: Properly used, this item allows for someone to hold their breath for 10 minutes. This provides a +4 to survival skill checks and saving throws relating to breathing and drowning. In the case of dangerous gases or other inhalants, this device provides instead a +2 bonus.

To use it, one must place the kelp in their mouths, and bite down on the tablet within.

Cost: 10 Gold for 1 dose.
DC to Create:
25 Craft: Alchemy
20 Profession: Herbalist


After dealing with so many aquatic scenarios, Lor’Athorn began to consider the problem of holding one’s breath. A little known fact is that many sailors are not proficient at swimming. Many go overboard and drown before anyone can go around and save them.

With this in mind, Lor’Athorn consulted with druids who helped him to understand the nature of breathing and the symbiosis between beings of flesh and those of plant. Lor’Athorn then created a small piece of kelp containing a small chemical tablet. When broken and held in the mouth, the tablet causes the kelp to undergo a hyper-reaction, and both release and absorb the necessary gasses to allow for someone to safely hold their breath for up to 10 minutes.

Lor’Athorn is fully aware that this is only part of the problem. Sailors may still panic or forget to use the item. Also, the item does nothing about other dangers inherent in being adrift at sea. However, it is his hope that it could save at least a few lives.

Sailor's Kelp

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