Rillana's Indecision

A Sword of Penultimate Versitility

weapon (melee)

This +2 flaming burst falcata is constructed from a mixture of several metals magically bonded to one another. Most of the hilt and part of the back of the blade are forged of adamantine, the blade itself and the designs along the hilt are mithril, and a cap upon the bottom of the hilt is forged from cold iron. Other, rarer metals have been worked into complex designs along the side of the sword, abstract patterns that shift and change when the weapon’s special ability is used.

As a standard action usable up to three times per day, the blade’s wielder can change the elemental energy type that the blade generates (from fire to acid, cold, sonic, or electricity). The blade retains its burst special ability regardless of the energy type it produces. The blade retains its new energy type until commanded to change.

Rillana’s Indecision functions only in the hands of elves or half-elves.


For a time, it seemed that Treerazer’s allies came from everywhere at once—dragons, elementals, outsiders, and stranger things. It was during this time of intensely renewed conflict within the Tanglebriar that Rillana commissioned the design of the blade that she would come to call Indecision. She wanted a powerful weapon capable of adjusting to a variety of different situations, and the High Oracle Isandral Talorai was able to oblige.

Later, Rillana commissioned the creation of an even more advanced version of this weapon, which she named Forethought. She granted Indecision to her close friend Telandia, who has kept it safe since.

Rillana's Indecision

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