Rillana's Hope

Protective Emblem


This +2 heavy mithril shield of determination is plain and polished on its exterior side, and has the names of Rillana’s three children inscribed into the interior side. The edges of the shield are all razor sharp.

The shield’s power has waned from what it once was, but it can be restored by becoming attuned to a new wielder. As its owner performs actions in keeping with the shield’s purpose, its powers slowly return.

To satisfy the shield, the wielder can perform one of two different actions: 1) using the shield to provide protection to adjacent allies (using an aid another action to boost their armor class) or 2) willingly protecting an ally by taking damage intended for them (through feats or abilities such as In Harm’s Way.

Actions Performed Power unlocked
5 When the shield’s bearer takes the total defense action, Rillana’s Hope transforms into a tower shield (returning to its normal size at the beginning of the wielder’s next turn).
10 Shield Other 1/day (caster level equal to wielder’s character level).
20 Enhancement bonus increases to +3.
40 Divine Favor 1/day as a swift action (caster level equal to wielder’s character level).
60 Enhancement bonus increases to +4.
80 The shield gains the reflecting special ability.
100 The shield gains the bashing special ability, with the following exceptions: the shield can deal either slashing or bludgeoning damage and the shield adds its enhancement bonus to attack rolls rather than just a +1. In addition, the shield’s bearer is considered to have the two-weapon fighting and improved two-weapon fighting feats for purposes of making shield bash attempts.

Rillana's Hope

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