Reactor Bands


This metal appears to be silver yet has none of the other properties of the metal. Extremely light and durable there are a series of bright jewels that are set into the bracer that seem to glow with a light of their own at times. The magical or technological effect of the bracers is that it provides the benefits of a protection from energy electricity 15. The bands need to be “charged” each day by being electrocuted for at least 10 points of electrical damage.
Additionally the bracers can be used to activate a shield spell three times per day as a swift action(CL 6), but each use reduces the values of the electrical resistance by 5 points as the shield spell drains the charge stored in the bracers.


Deep within Silver Mount there are a number of automated constructs that still go about their duties. One of the groups of construct is tasked with maintaining the core of the mountain, keeping the energy source inside from breaking out and damaging the surrounding structures. These core guardians have specialized bands attached to the arms of their bodies, and can be removed if necessary. Bands made of a light weight metal that cover the forearms of a creature, from wrist to elbow. Not many of these items are seen outside of the Silver Mount as the core guardians rarely if ever leave the center of the mountain.

Reactor Bands

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