Power Cells



For the purpose of activating technology the item needs to be connected to a power cell. In some rare cases the item converts some form of energy into usable power on its own, but for the most part they require a power source to function. The size of the power source depends on the CL of the item. A CL 1 item can use a PC1 power core, this progresses in a logical fashion (a CL6 item uses a PC6). Unfortunately, technology does not allow for the interchangeability of power cores. The Power Cells range in size from a thumb nail to a 1 foot cube.


Nearly all of the artifacts that are found within the Star Mount are powered by these small items. Scholars have long tried to figure out the means by which they generate the energy that powers the items removed from the massive mountain of Adamantine. While most of the power cells are small in size, the more powerful items have been found attached to much larger power cells.

Power Cells

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