Powderglow Shot

Anti-Stealth Ammunition


Craft Alchemy DC: 25
Cost: 1 gold per bullet, or 5 gold for a dozen, or 20 gold for 50.
Arrows are 2 gold per arrow, 12 gold per dozen, or 35 gold for 50.
*Bullets prices are the same for either sling or black powder ammunition, though the ammunition itself is not interchangeable.

Description: Powderglow shot comes in two forms. The first is a small condensed ball of powder, held together with a bit of glue and magic. This configuration is essentially the same for sling ammunition and black powder ammunition, though their shapes and sized vary so that they cannot be interchanged. The second form is in the shape of a blunt ball affixed at the head of an arrow. The ammunition is enchanted not to give off a glow until it has made contact with a target, but any exposed ammunition may still sparkle conspicuously in the light.

Mechanics: This is a special ammunition type. It alters the projectile to deal subdual damage. In
addition, any target struck with this ammunition is covered with a thin layer of luminescent dust. Each time a target is struck with the powder, they recieve a -3 penalty on their stealth rolls to remain unseen. This penalty may not exceed -9. To remove the powder, the afflicted must either spend a full round action for each shot recieved, or douse themselves with water and remove all accumulated penalties.


Powderglow Shot

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