Phos' Erratic Wand

Magic and Risk


Aura: minor evocation CL 3rd

This wand has 30 charges remaining. Whenever the wand is used, there is a 10% chance that its deteriorating condition will cause it to overload. If so, the wand expends 1d4+1 charges and fires off 2d4+2 missiles (each dealing 1d4+1 damage, as usual). If the overload would cause the wand to expend more charges than it has remaining, it explodes in the wielder’s hand, causing 10 points of damage.


This wand of magic missiles is positively ancient, having been built (and quickly forgotten) when Phos was a young apprentice. It is constructed of lacquered black wood shot through with small cracks which occasionally glow with a sickly green light.

Phos' Erratic Wand

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