Noble Cloak of Elvenkind

Ancient and Regal


This midnight black cloak functions as both a cloak of elvenkind (+5 bonus to Stealth checks) and a cloak of charisma +2.


The cloak was crafted more than two thousand years ago, woven from darkwood leaf fibers and strands of pure shadow essence. It was given as a gift to one of the noble Dwarven families of Highhelm during a period shortly after the elves’ return to Kyonin in which the dwarves were highly involved in the conflict against Treerazer. The family to whom the cloak belonged fell into hard times during the last few hundred years, and the cloak was eventually traded away to a caravan of Varisian merchants, who later rewarded it to the children of Caladlon.

This cloak is part of the legendary Raiment of Findeladlara.

Noble Cloak of Elvenkind

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