Mercurial Protective Weave

The Ultimate in Extra-Dimensional Protection


This highly advanced piece of extra-dimensional gear is designed to bond with and provide superior protection to a single individual. In its inert state, the weave is a large shapeless blob of a metallic liquid similar to mercury, but with a color and luster like white gold. When it bonds with a wielder, it shunts most of its mass into a pocket dimension, seeming like an interconnected series of phosphorescent metal filaments that attach themselves to their host’s clothing and armor.

When bonded with a host, the weave uses its restorative abilities to repair the host’s body, granting its wielder fast healing 2. It will also restore any clothing or armor worn by its host, repairing all mundane gear over the course of an eight-hour period.

The weave can be mentally commanded to form a protective sheath around the host to further protect its host. It retracts its mass from its pocket dimension and then spreads out across its host, forming a second skins that completely covers the wielder (while still permitting the wielder to breathe and act normally).

The weave takes all physical damage that the host normally would, with the exception of damage from purely mental attacks and damage from sources that bypass the weave entirely (such as brilliant energy weapons). Weapon strikes, elemental damage, and environmental damage (including damage from falling) are all taken by the weave instead of its host. The host continues to use his own armor class, saves, and any damage reduction, if applicable.

The weave has 150 hit points, and can repair itself of 5 hit points per round when not active. The wielder can sheath or unsheath the weave as a swift action, but should the weave lose all of its hit points, it becomes completely inert for 1d3 days, during which time the host no longer gains the benefit of the weave’s fast healing power.


Mercurial Protective Weave

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