Liquid Mist Dispensor


Lor’Athorn has always worried about his siblings going into combat. Any time they became so hurt as to be unable to move, or even defend themselves, Lor’Athorn grew concerned with how closely to death each of them came. What was worse was how often Mirrianna, the most capable healer among them, would be hurt grievously. With this in mind, one of the small ways in which Lor’Athorn conceived of helping his siblins was to invent an easy method for delivering healing potions to people who could not drink.

What Lor’Athorn has conceived is a device that delivers a spray that can be inhaled. Despite his limited knowledge of physiology, he knows enough about the living that they never stop breathing. Even in observing a sleeping person, this is not hard to notice. At least so long as the person has not stopped breathing, the device still works. Should someone cease to breathe for any reason, the effects still work from coming in contact with a person’sl lungs, though the effects are halved from mild contact.

Ultimately, a Liquid Mist Dispensor can deliver doses of chemicals, including magic potions, to a creature who either cannot or will not imbibe it. As part of the device, there is a face covering that can allow for a full dose if affixed to the face. For anyone without a ranks in heal, delivering such a dose to an unconscious person would take a standard action, and provokes an attack of opportunity. For someone with at least one rank in the heal skill may deliver a dose to such a person with a move action instead. If a skilled healer makes a heal check of 20, this action does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

As normal, any healing delivered to someone with the dying condition are immediately stabilized.

Cost: 60 Gold for device which can be affixed to most flasks and stoppable glass containers.
Craft DC: Alchemy 30

Note: Offensively, relatively harmful chemicals such as sleeping potions and acid solutions can be delivered as a touch attack, with no chance for splash or misdirected throws.


Liquid Mist Dispensor

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