Lightning Juice

Lightning Frog extract, meant to excite or calm the drinker.


Lightning juice is a chemical extract that can be swallowed by vial, or prepared in pill form. When taken, it will take effect immediately, and last for 6 rounds. Its effects vary depending on the state of the individual.

When completely healthy, the juice acts similar to a Rage spell. It grants a + 2 Alchemical bonus to Strength, and + 1 Alchemical bonus to reflexes. However, these bonuses become penalties once the elixir wears off. These penalties last for 6 rounds as well.

When the user is afflicted by a physical status, such as fatigue or nausea, the elixir will negate the condition for the duration. This elixir will only cancel the most deleterious condition, as chosen by the user. This potion will cure nausea, sickness, fatigue, exhaustion, dazed, panicked, frightened, and shaken conditions only. Once the elixir wears off, the condition returns for the duration of the condition, if it has not elapsed. Conditions persist only as long as they normally would have.

The conditions of sickened or fatigued will become nauseated and exhausted once the extract wears off, but only for the normal duration of their prior effects.

For instance, a person afflicted by fatigue can drink this elixir, and have the fatigue negated for 6 rounds. Once the duration has elapsed, and if the fatigue would have lasted any longer than those 6 rounds, the fatigue returns instead as exhaustion.

Because this elixir is made from the extract of a relatively rare creature, the mixture is also correspondingly expensive compared to other alchemical potions.

Craft (Alchemy) DC: 35
Gold cost per dose: 150 gp


Lightning Juice

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