Legendary Demon Slaying Sword

weapon (melee)

Lightbringer is a +1 Holy Demon Bane Cold Iron Greatsword that glows brightly when in the presence of evil outsiders.


Lightbringer was crafted by Navarre Edasseril at the behest of Aerodus Chathagnion who, at the time, had been having difficulty battling demons at the Worldwound. Aerodus met Navarre briefly and had heard of his skills as a craftsman and wanted something special commissioned. Being a soldier himself, Navarre wanted to create something for Aerodus that would not only be combat effective, but beautiful to behold and a symbol for forces to rally behind. The blade of the weapon is forged from cold iron while the hilt and cross-guard are forged from a mixture of elven mithral and dwarven steel. The hilt is wrapped in leather from a black dragon’s hide and if removed there is said to be a beautiful image of a woman’s hand grasping the unguarded hilt carved into the metal. It has been speculated that Navarre used his own blood in the forging of the weapon to ensure that only a person with elven blood might wield it, and because it is a Holy weapon, a gift said to be imbued by the crafter’s sister; it will harm any evil doer who touches it. Finally, the sword sheds a fierce light when in the presence of demons, thus giving the weapon its name.


Legacy of the Forlorn Malaxder